Songs of Faith

These songs are a collection of heartbeats expressing the pain and joys of my life. A lot of them were written in times of heavy emotion--family emergencies, strife between friends, the pain of divorce, etc. However, getting my heart all tied up in knots is when I seem to be the most creative, so even those trying times have produced a blessing.

I took accordion lessons as a kid for 7 years, played in an accordion band for a year, then took a quarter of basic piano in college. I went back to college many years later and took a quarter of music theory (so I could write music) and took several months of personal lessons on the guitar. Then I led small bible studies in worship with my guitar for several years. I had to sell my piano but wish I still had one as it's hard to write music without it.

These songs tell the story of my struggle learning to let go and letting God take the reins in my life as a new believer (I'm almost embarrassed by them now -- all that emotional "stuff"), and thus the title Songs of Faith. I hope you will be blessed by reading them, Lori.

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I wrote the following song when I was helping put on a skit about the Lord's disciples for the Hallelujah Party in the Spokane Convention Center that Calvary Chapel used to put on as an alternative to Halloween. The director of the play decided to use the tape of my song for the performance so my first song got immediate attention right away and was heard by hundreds of people on the first night it was aired. What a blessing!

The Lord's Disciples

(a children's song)

I am the Lord's disciple and Peter is my name.
I love Him like a brother, He loves me just the same.
But when He really needed me, I denied I knew His name,
But even tho' I failed Him He loves me just the same.

The Lord's Disciples.
The Lord's Disciples.
Even tho' we fail Him,
He loves us just the same.

I am the Lord's disciple and John is my name.
I love Him like a brother, He loves me just the same.
Three times I fell asleep when he went off to pray
But even tho'I failed Him He loves me just the same.
(to chorus)

I am the Lord's disciple and Thomas is my name.
I love Him like a brother, He loves me just the same.
I doubted that He was alive until I touched his side.
But even tho' I failed Him, He loves me just the same.
(to chorus)

I am the Son of God, Jesus Christ is my name.
I died upon a cross to take your sins away.
If only you'll believe in me, I'll claim you as my own.
But even tho' you fail me I'll Love you just the same.

Lori Eldridge
Copyright © 10-87

* **

The following song was written for a group of women who had just completed a year in a support group for abused women. I thought I was writing it for them, but as usual the song was for me too. Jan Martinez of Christ Kitchen has requested that this song be the theme song for Christ Kitchen's Birthday Celebration that next year. I'm blessed!

Many are the Wounded

Many are the wounded
with pain and grief to bear,
Many hearts are broken
that need some loving care.

For man will let us down
And that is nothing new.
To keep our eyes on your Lord,
That's what we really ought to do.
(last time)
That's what we really ought to do.

Oh, heal our broken hearts Lord,
and take away the pain,
Help us to forgive Lord,
to trust and love again.
(to chorus)

Then we can help the others
who fall along the way,
Help them find the courage
to face another day.
(to chorus)

Lori Eldridge
Copyright © 5-27-88

* **

Lean Upon the Lord

When burdens seem to get you down
And trouble follows you around
When no one seems to understand
And you could use a loving hand

If you will lean upon the Lord
In everything you do,
Lean upon the Lord
And He will carry you.
(last time)
He loves me. He loves you too.
He loves me. He loves you too.

I love Him and He loves me
And with His help I can see
My life begin to turn around
He picks me up when I fall down
(to chorus)

Why not let Him walk with you,
Carry your burdens, help you through
He's waiting to lend a helping hand
To let you know He understands.
(to chorus)

Lori Eldridge
Copyright © 2-15-88

* **

The following song was written with a lot of tears after a close friend told me to get lost after I had bungled an attempt to witness to her.

If Only They'll Believe

Some will not hear you Lord.
Some cannot see.
Some have a heart that's cold.
They just won't believe.

That you are the only son of God
And on the cross you died.
All their sins are washed away
If only they'll believe
(last time)
If only they'll believe.

Open their ears Lord.
Help them to see.
Soften their hearts Lord.
So they might believe.

Patiently you're waiting Lord.
Knocking at the door.
Hoping to enter.
When will they believe?

Help me to remember Lord
I can only plant the seed.
The Holy Spirit will lead them
Lead them to believe.

Lori Eldridge
Copyright © 10-29-92

* **

The following song was written on behalf one of my sons the night he was arrested for being involved in a teenage prank with other kids his age (hauling someone's trampoline down the street and jumping on it). This poem is a mother's prayer for the Lord to watch over her child. Several weeks of community service did a wonder in his attitude and he's a great father and husband now. All my kids turned out great and I love them all.

The World is Calling

Oh, Lord my child has gone astray,
He's running far from you Lord.
It doesn't matter what I say,
Please bring him back to you Lord.

The world is calling him out to play
Don't let him stray too far from you Lord.
And keep your angels watching over him
For I know you love him.
(last time)
For I know you love him.

Oh give my child the love I have
the Love I have for you Lord,
And let him know deep in his heart
How much you love him too Lord.

Oh give me peace about this child.
I put my trust in you Lord.
I've done the best that I know how.
The rest is up to you Lord.

Lori Eldridge
Copyright © 8-10-88

* **

I wrote the following song with the thought if I would just be a more obedient wife my marriage would be healed. It didn't work, but it's a nice song.

He Must Lead, She Must Follow

He made the man, He made the woman,
He made them one, to follow Him.
They would live there, in the garden,
Forever in His love.

Then He told them to tend the garden
And raise a family.
But He told them that they couldn't
Eat the fruit from that tree!

She didn't listen, she didn't ask him,
He didn't lead her, she didn't follow.
Now they both must leave the garden
They would labor in pain and sorrow.

Now the garden's closed forever
Because of sin and iniquity.
We must toil and we must suffer
Until eternity.
(to chorus)

He must lead and she must follow
Is the moral of this story.
To respect and love each other
And give God all the glory.
(to chorus)

God is looking for the righteous
Who obey authority,
Then to our prayers He will listen
and we'll all live in harmony.
(to chorus)

Lori Eldridge
Copyright © 8-19-88

* **

He's in Control

This old world is so confusing,
Times are hard and seems we're losing.
But the Lord is in control of everything.
It doesn't matter how much we worry,
Or how fast we tend to hurry,
Even when our plans are failing
He's in control.

Don't you fret and worry, about the things you can't control
He made the world, He holds the stars up in the sky.
He feels your pain, He knows you're hurting,
He has a plan, so let it go,
Don't you know, He's in control.

You lost your job, the rent's past due,
The kids are hungry, you're got the flu.
When there's nowhere left to turn,
Even then, He's in control.
Even when your heart is breaking
And it seems there's no mistaking
No one listens, no one cares,
Even then He's in control.
(to chorus)

Lori Eldridge
Copyright © 10-88

* **

More Like You

This old heart of mine is oh so selfish Lord,
I'm always putting my needs first.
Why can't I just remember what you did for me Lord,
When you gave your life for mine?

If I could learn to love like you Lord,
Always putting others first.
Forgiving every wrong and
Forgetting they ever happened,
Then I'd soon be more like you.

This old heart of mine is so unforgiving Lord.
So full of anger, hate and strife.
There's not one ounce of me that's fit for sharing Lord,
I don't know why you love me so.
(to chorus)

This old heart of mine is ripe for changing Lord,
I'm sick and tired of what I see.
I need the kind of love that you have for others Lord
And let it shine out through me.
(to chorus)

Lori Eldridge
Copyright © Jan. 1989

* **

The following song was a prayer in response to grieving over a 30 year marriage that was on the rocks.

He's Never There

He's never there in church beside me,
He's too busy, he doesn't care.
Oh Lord, why can't he see
How much I need him there?

Oh touch his heart Lord, melt his pride
I need him standing by my side.
Renew our love and make us one
Singing praises to your Son.

I'm so tired of feeling lonely,
So tired of being sad.
So tired of being the only
Only woman without her man.
(to chorus)

As the days and the years roll by,
Give me strength just to hang on.
Oh Lord can't you tell me why?
Is there something I'm doing wrong?
(to chorus)

Lord I'm waiting for that day.
When you claim him as your own.
When together we can pray
And you'll be welcome in our home.

Last Chorus:
When you'll touch his heart and melt his pride
And we'll be standing side by side
You'll renew our love and make us one.
Singing praises to your Son.

Lori Eldridge
© 3-26-89

* **

Let Him Carry You

When things tend to get you down,
And it looks like you're loosing ground,
Jesus won't let you fall,
He is waiting for your call.

Why not let Him carry you?
He wants to help.
He wants to be your friend.
He is faithful
And His Word is true.
He'll stay with you to the end.

You've tried everything you know,
Searching for your answer high and low.
Why not try something new.
He can do a better job than you.
(to chorus)

He just wants to share the love,
Shining from the father high above.
He can't do it if you don't let go,
Let his love between you grow.
(to chorus)

Lori Eldridge
Copyright ©10-7-89

* **

He's Coming Back Again

Jesus died upon a tree
He died to set us free
He threw our sins in the deep blue sea
He did it all for you and me.

He's coming back again
He's coming back again
He's coming for you and me
He's coming back again
He's coming back again
Because of Calvary.

Jesus came to free the poor.
He said he's the only door.
Now Satan can't fool us
Like he's done before
We've been set free,
We're bound no more,
(to chorus)

He died to set us free
He's the only door
He did it all on Calvary
We're bound no more.
(3 x)


Lori Eldridge
Copyright © 4-29-90

* **

You Have Set Me Free

My Childhood pain was crippling me
with anger, hate and strife.
It ate away at my love for you.
It almost ruined my life.
(to chorus)

Oh, I praise you Lord,
Thank you for loving me.
You softened my heart, opened my eyes.
You have set me free.

I stumbled in my darkness
And wallowed in my sin.
My hardened heart kept you from me.
I couldn't hear you from within.
(to chorus)

A cry for you to carry me
Was what I had to do
To grieve the pain that was buried there
And to give it up to you.
(to chorus)

Lori Eldridge
Copyright © 6-20-91

* **

Only His Love

Sometimes you need a gentle hug from Jesus.
sometimes you're hurting and so alone.
Just let him wrap his loving arms around you, Only his love can fill that hole.

You say, but all your hopes and dreams are shattered,
Your arms are empty, your heart is cold.
Why not put all your trust in Jesus?
Only His love can make you whole.

It's time to give your whole heart to Jesus.
He's the only one who cares forever.
No other love will satisfy that hunger.
Only His love can feed your soul.
Only His love can fill that hole.
Only His love can make you whole.

Lori Eldridge
Copyright © 10-12-92

* **

Speak Clearly to Me

Show me Lord, what I must do,
Speak clearly to me.
Teach me to listen, much closer to you.
Speak clearly to me.

When I am happy or when I am sad,
I need to know the good from the bad.
Open my ears so I can hear.
Speak clearly to me.

I need to know your will for my life.
Speak clearly to me.
Don't let my fears cloud over my mind.
Speak clearly to me.

When my heart is as cold as stone,
Break me Lord till your will is known.
Open my ears so I can hear.
Speak clearly to me.
Speak clearly to me.

Lori Eldridge
Copyright ©10-29-92

* **

Prayer is the Answer

Sometimes you're hurting
No one understands
No one to hold you.
Give God your hand.

Give him all your problems.
Your fears, your worries too.
Make them an offering, Let them go.
Tell Him when you're huring.
You're sad and angry too.
He can handle it, let him know.
He loves you so.

Prayer is the answer
When there's nothing you can do.
God has the answer.
He knows more than you. So....
(to chorus)

Lori Eldridge
Copyright © 2-1-93