Poetry based on Scripture

Five Stones

Why did David pick up five stones
when he heard Goliath roar? Wasn't one stone just enough?
So why did he need four more?

Now Goliath, he was a nine foot giant
and everyone quaked at his call. His spear was as thick as a weaver's rod
and as long as he was tall.

But David, the youngest son of Jesse,
was a shepherd's killing machine.
He wasn't scared of that nine foot tall
uncircumcised Philistine.

Who'd be scared of one whose name means:
"disgracefully denuded"?
Goliath said he was the stronger;
he was about to be excluded.

Goliath was wearing his heavy armor
with a helmet, spear and shield.
But it wasn't nearly enough protection
when David appeared on the field.

The Spirit of the Lord rested on David,
and he wanted the whole world to know
That there was a God in Isreal
and He was the star of the show.

From his sling, he sent the stone a-flyin'.
With one blow he struck him dead.
And Goliath's very own sword was used
to cut off the giant's head.

But there was still Lahmi, Ishbi-Benob, Saph,
and "twenty-four Digits" too.
But David was ready for Goliath's brothers
and four more stones would do.

1 Sam. 17:1-58, 2 Sam. 21:15-22, 1 Ch. 20:4-8

Lori Eldridge
Copyright (c) 11-26-94

Wait Three Months

One day God told Abraham
in twelve months he'd have a son.
Why didn't He say nine months
and everything'd be done?

He said to wait the three months
or it would hurt the very worst,
'cause God knew that Abraham
had to be circumcised first.

Genesis 17

Lori Eldridge
Copyright (c) 11-16-94

Fortified City

There once was a fortified city;
A citidel made of stone.
Deflecting every invasion,
The fortress held its own.

Now there's a battle for the soul of the city,
And the victory has been foretold.
For the treasure deep in its heart
Is of more value than purest gold.

One day soon the Son will shine;
Loving prayer will win that town.
And just like Joshua's wall
It'll all come tumbling down.

Lori Eldridge
Copyright (c) 7-17-93

PS. The above poem wasn't actually written about a city

It's That Simple

We're being
by apostasy.
plus works
equals nothing.
A precious gift
by man's
foolish pride.
and baptise
your way
your way
to heaven
if you can.
Waste your time.
Waste your life.
Waste other's lives.
twisted plan
or just believe:
He came,
He died
for me
and you,
He was buried,
He rose again.

(1 Cor. 15:1-5)

Lori Eldridge
© 7-18--00

The above poem was written after being exposed to the heresy of Lordship Salvation

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