Poetry Sites

Endtime Poetry Poetry written by Christians .

Some of my favorite Christian links

Reasons for Hope a youth ministry led by Carl Kerby, a former board member of Answers in Genesis giving biblical answers to real-world questions.

Blue Letter Bible

Bob Wilkins' Faith Alone- Grace Evangel Society

Free Audio Bible Studies, E-books and Songs of Faith by Radio Pastor Don Rhoads

Upon this Rock has numerous Christian links, graphics and banners.

Les Feldick is one of my favorite bible teachers who best explains the scriptures meant for Israel vs the Church, comparing Scripture with Scripture.

Bible Sprout Bible Resources That Grow Your Faith

Christian Forums

Rapture Forums a forum discussing the rapture, bible prophecy and the endtimes.

Christian Forums Site A Christian site managed by Christians a forum,
chat, Bible study, Christian blogs, videos, news, contests and much more.

Christian Directories

Christian Directory - Over 27,000 Christian services, products and websites.