Bible Studies Written by Lori Eldridge

The following is a collection of bible studies and articles I've written.

Bible Studies on Salvation

Bible Studies on the Endtimes

Bible Studies on the Crucifixion

Exposing the False Teachings of Today's "Prophets"

  • I have another website where I compare the teachings of today's so-called Prophets with scripture called Endtime Prophets which proves they are not speaking for God.

Bible Codes or Torah Codes

I used to be the owner of the Tcode mailing list where some of the top notch Torah Code experts in the world discussed the Bible Codes. The majority of us finally came to the conclusion that the codes cannot be of God because they were not statistically relevant and you can even find "bible codes" in the daily newspaper. And, most important, even Jesus' name (in Hebrew) "Yeshua HaMashiach" was not found encoded in any book of the Bible. You can see a collection of Negative Bible Codes where codes were found that refute the validity of the Bible, i.e., Satan is God, etc.

My favorite Bible Teachers

  • Reasons for Hope a youth ministry led by Carl Kerby, a former board member of Answers in Genesis who gives biblical answers to real-world questions and online resources leading young people to the only true hope, Jesus Christ. Watch his video: deBunked - No Evidence For God!
  • Chuck Missler's Koinonia House Topics ranging from prophecy to current events, to practical Christian living.
  • Lamb and Lion Ministries a Bible prophecy ministry of Dr David Reagan proclaiming the soon return of Jesus Christ.
  • Hal Lindsey A news site dedicated to news analysis of current events from the perspective of Bible prophecy.
  • Les Feldick One of the best bible teachers I've ever listened to who is able to determine which scriptures were meant for Jews and which for Christians.