Angel in Disguise

The following is a fictious story about
a fellow classmate (the angel part is fictitious, well, maybe).

Do angels really wear leather jackets with chains dangling down to their knees? I decided he must be an angel because he had little tufts of blue hair on each side of his head where his wings hadn't quite retracted far enough. He was riding a skateboard and using a briefcase to keep his balance as he twisted and gyrated down the sidewalk.

I've seen him several times these last few months, usually on my way to English class. He's always wearing a different disguise. Sometimes his hair is dyed yellow and sometimes green but his warm smile, angelic face and baby blue eyes give him away every time.

One day I stopped him and told him I saw through his disguise and asked him what he was up to. He said the big boss upstairs sent him down here to try to change people's lives. He said the reason he rides a skateboard is because the muscles in his legs aren't strong enough for earth's gravity. He made me promise to keep his secret until he had completed his mission here on earth.

One time I saw him hanging around outside an expresso shop. He was wearing baggy overalls 4 sizes too big and an even baggier t-shirt with his hair completely shaved off this time. He was trying to talk skinheads into changing their ways — a guardian angel to skin heads. Imagine that!

Everywhere I've spotted him, there are always lots of other kids hanging around. They've been throwing away their knives and guns and buying skateboards instead. Pretty soon it won't be safe to walk on the sidewalks around here.

The last time I saw him, he had dark wavy hair and was wearing a two piece suit, dress shirt and tie on his way to a job interview. However, this new disguise didn't fool me for a minute. I recognized him instantly because, as usual, he was twirling in circles on his skateboard.

As I passed by, we greeted each other with a smile and a cheery hello. There was no need to say anything more. His secret was safe with me.

Lori Eldridge
© Nov 22, 1993