About Lori

I went back to college to get a degree in English/Creative Writing in 1992 because I wanted to be able to write books/articles. I do write a lot every day but haven't taken the time to publish much except for a few articles, stories and some poetry. My interests change every few years also, so it's hard to keep up with myself.

Besides enjoying all the sports depicted on my logo above, I've also been a motel manger, diaper service owner and operator, 4-H leader, poultry breeder, organic gardener, costumer for passion plays, seamstress, musician (I play the accordion, guitar and a bit of piano) used to be a retail store owner selling handmade crafts, an artist in oils, a certified Stephen minister, poet, writer, editor of Prophezine, assistant editor of EWU's Willow Springs Literary Journal and most recently a web designer.

As much as I enjoy writing myself, I enjoy promoting the creativity of others a lot more and thus my web design business Lori's Web Design, specializing in fixing broken or crippled websites .

Christ Kitchen's tea

One of my first web design clients was a non-profit ministry called Christ Kitchen that helps women out of poverty by providing them with strong bible teaching, fellowship and training them for employment by teaching them to prepare packaged dried food mixes such as the Testament Tea shown on the left, and also Disciple Soup, Converted Rice and other dried food products which are sold through their store in Spokane WA.

Stuck in Neutral

I have also helped promote the early writings of Terry Trueman, his first novel being Stuck in Neutral, a young adult novel which won a 2001 Prinz Honor, published through Harper Collins. He has written numerous novels since, which you can find on his website.

Young Poets logo

I have designed and maintain two other poetry sites - one for kids called Young Poets where kids from 5-18 can post their poetry, play games and visit other literary sites for kids.

Endtime Poetry Logo

My other poetry site is for adults to post their inspirational, uplifting Christian poetry
on Endtime Poetry

Endtime Prophets Logo

I also have another site called Endtime Prophets where I have critiqued the writing of todays so-called prophets and compare it to scripture (after studying bible doctrine and cults for 20 years through Calvary Chapel).

I used to have enough time to paint landscapes in oils but have been too busy with web design in last 20 years. I hope to get back to it after I retire. The image below only covers about half of my paintings, most of which I gave to family or sold.

my paintings

My most favorit activity now is organic gardening. Even winter doesn't slow me down because I have a hot house where I grow greens heated by a large bucket of water heated with an aquarium heater. Here is a picture of a 14" ear of corn I grew a few years ago. The corn stalks were higher than the garage roof

a 14 inch ear of corn

I hope you enjoy some of my own creative pursuits on Lori's Poetry. Feel free to send me an if you liked the writings on this site.