An Oil Painting of Three Hens

a painting of 3 chickens

I used to raise, breed and hatch chicks for 4-H kids (27 different breeds) and thus my interest in poultry. We had a long chicken house where they all lived together through fall and Winter then in the spring I divided the different breeds up into separate pens (1 rooster and 2-3 hens) so I could gather fertilized eggs for hatching.

I named the hens all after my favorite Aunts (Aunt Hazel, Aunt Velma, etc.) You can see some of my chickens on my pinterest page. My kids don't have fond memories of the chickens because one of their chores was to help clean out the hen house. We did enjoy the eggs however.

After I painted the three hens, I used a piece of wood with a large knot hole in it and painted that around their heads so it would appear the chickens were looking through a hole in the hen house. A friend bought this picture.

an oil painting by
Lori Eldridge
Copyright © 1984
Updated 5-4-19

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