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Link Survey with Option for Link Removal

If your website was hit by Google's Penguin Algorithm (penalty for spammy links or anchor text), because of an unnatural backlink profile, then you may need to hire someone to get the bad ones removed. I use a tool that applies an algorithm to determine if links to a site are deemed natural or not, based on Google's recommendations. I then apply my own audit by visually checking each one and recommending removal, or not.

Google's Penguin Algo is supposed to be updated in early 2016 and after that date it will be running realtime so we will no longer have to wait a year for Google to take notice of the work that has been done with your site. See more info on Recovering from the Penguin Algorithm.

Estimate for a Link Audit

I can't give an exact estimate for how long it takes to analyze a site's backlinks without knowing how many are deemed unnatural, because each bad one needs to be visually checked to verify that it is indeed low quality or not. It also takes time to record data on each one for future reference. I also usually visually check some of those that the program deemed as natural just to be sure. Links are sorted by domain so not all of them need to be visually checked (sitewides from one site will count as one domain). I can usually record about 15-20 domains per hour.

In order to judge if the incoming links are relevant to your website I will need to do a brief analysis of your website before proceeding with the audit. Therefore it usually takes 2-3 hours to set up for this procedure and prepare a disavow file to be submitted to Google afterwards. So you can figure 2-3 hours minimum plus 1 hour for each 15 domains that need to be disavowed.

I will also be sending you a complete list of natural and unnatural links plus those that need to be removed in a separate file.

A Google Webmaster Tools (or Search Console) account will need to be set up if you don't have one, as the disavow files are submitted via that account (if you are tech savy you can submit it yourself, once I have it prepared, if you prefer).

Link Removal Requests

Unless some of your bad links are removed Google may ignore the disavow file. It usually takes about an hour to request removal for 6-8 links that have already been analyzed (see above), as it takes time to record data and update the disavow file if a request is ignored or an email bounces, etc. I will need access to an email connected with your domain or they will ignore the request. I can instruct you on how to do this yourself if you prefer.

Once all the unnatural links are removed or disavowed, it is recommended that they are checked each month or so, and if there is an increase in unnatural ones then an update of the disavow file or removal request will need to be repeated.

Analysis of competitor's links

Set up, doing an audit and recording info as well as sending you a report usually takes 2-3 hours. This may include sending you a list of sites where you can post messages in blogs or forums or sites you can submit to that are deemed natural links. Or I can submit your site to local directories and city business listings if needed. It is recommended that this is done once per month until your site has enough links.

My rates:

I charge $30 per hour no matter what I"m doing. Please call me at (509) 397-6000 for any of the services listed above.

If you would like an in-depth SEO analysis of your website please click the link below:

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