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The Waterfall of Jerry's Old Koi Pond

The Waterfall of Jerry's Pond

The waterfall feeding Jerry's Old Koi Pond was fed by one of two independent filter systems that could be bypassed in winter. Those big beautiful rocks in this waterfall were not cemented into place, just laid there to hold the soil, and create a natural look for the fish pond. I had an old neighbor who thought my waterfall was built too close to his property line, but because nothing was cemented to make it permanent, he didn't have a case. Koi need, and do best in water with lots of oxygen, especially in hot climates. Our Washington State weather isn't that awful warm in the summer, but creating a more natural place for the fish makes them healthy and happy. Koi are originally a river fish, and do well with some current and lots of air.

Jerry has recently moved and has built a new koi pond and a new waterfall.

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