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Jerry's New Waterfall

The new waterfall is going to be easier to maintain. It has a concrete shell to hold the rocks that will face it, and also hold the liner in place from slipping or sinking. My old pond's waterfall was basically a big pile of dirt with steps cut into it, and covered with liner and rocks. It worked just fine, except with the winter rains ice, snow and such. It wasn't as stable as the new one will be. The rocks wanted to sink some pulling the liner, making leaks possible, or set them in a different location making water splash out of the water flow, wasting water.

The new waterfall will carry water from my skimmers and water from my filter, or either one, as I choose. A simple twist of a valve and I have control of the water flow. It also has a waterĘby-pass valve, meaning you can shut it off during the winter and run the water back into the pond at a depth low enough so not to cool the water more from the cold airĘtemperatures. My old waterfall had flow only from my filter and I had to plug pipes to change the water flow in winter. My new one has a shut off valve.

(click images for larger views)

1. This picture shows the liner just laying over the concrete block frame of my new waterfall.I trimmed the edges so I could pull it tight as I start construction.
tractor moving rocks
2. This photo shows my helper placing the big rocks around the waterfall.

tractor moving rocks around waterfall
3. Here we are placing more rocks and the two 2" lines running from my skimmer, and filter.
view of the rock wall on left side
4. This is a side view showing the first rows of rocks on my waterfall. One or two more levels will be next.

view of the rock wall from the front
5. This view is a head on view of the waterfall construction. The rocks in the fall are only placed there at this time to hold liner down. These will be arranged differently as I go forward with the construction.
waterfall from front with dirt added on side
6. This front viewĘpicture shows where we filled in soil in between the layers of rocks. These will come up to the top to cover the liner.

after dirt added to rock wall
7. This picture just shows a side view as we build up the soil to cover the waterfall form.
waterfall with rocks surrounding it
8. This shows a side view of the finished waterfall, of course lacking the plantings to come next spring, or later this fall.

landscaped pond
This photo shows the beginning of the landscaping around the koi pond.

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