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Jerry's Koi Pond Flowers and Trees

Trees and Flowers around Jerry's Old Koi pond

I planted several kinds of ground covers and flowers around the old pond as well as a gravel walkway to keep the grass out of the flowerbeds. I always loved this view of my pond with the bird bath there to create a nice place for the birds to bath. The bird bath attracted many birds and the family enjoyed them so darn much, but one day the crows found that little water hole. Those birds aren’t my favorite of the bird family and my opinion of them got even worse when they started bringing the baby birds they would steal from their Mom's nest, to my bird bath to wash before their dinner. I finally drained the bird bath and just left it there empty hoping the crows would finally leave it alone. That never happened but the last several years the little birds used my waterfall to bath and the crows had a empty bath area.

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