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The West Side of Jerry's Old Koi Pond

The west side of Jerry's Koi Pond

This picture shows the landscaping around the West side of the Jerry's Koi pond August 2005. I liked looking at this particular view of my pond. I guess mostly because it takes in the two Monkey trees that I bought. I don’t really remember their proper names, but my girls called them Monkey trees, so that ended up being their name. I think that along with the ferns, pond grass, and the rustic looking ground cover it gives the view a Japanese flavor, natural and rustic.

The pipe with the water flowing out the end is from the second and separate filter system. My pond ended up being much larger than I had originally planned. The sandy, rocky soil kept giving way while I was digging, making what was planned to be about a 10,000 gallon into the 17,000 pond, and the need for the second filter.

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