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Graphics, Photo Editing, Logos and Animations

The following are sample of the logos, animations, landscape photos, and other graphics provided by Lori's Web Design. All of these skills represent a rich source of understanding color, balance, flow, using the least amount of words to sell a product and the creativity and inventiveness needed to incorporate all these elements into visually appealing graphics for web pages.

What Makes a Good Graphic Artist?

The owner of Lori's Web Design is skilled in the following:
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Artist in Oils



Mt Grinnell before Sunrise, Glacier Park, Montana
Mt Grinnell before Sunrise, Glacier Park, Montana

Writer and Poet

Lori's Poetry logo

out of order poem
Lori's Poetry:

Seamstress and Costumer

passion play actors
Passion Play Actors


red flowers
Red Flowers

Other Graphics Pages

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Graphics Tools

Hexadecimal Web Safe Color Chart a chart of web safe colors.

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