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I took a business course in college right out of highschool then I went back to college years later and received a degree in English/Creative Writing ('96) at EWU. While there I worked as a computer tutor for 4 years. I also took several computer classes as well as Internet and web design classes, where I learned to write HTML by hand. I'm a perpetual student and would have continued my studies except there wasn't a suitable college in my area. After graduating I received on-the-job clerical and web design experience for two years working for various temporary companies and then started my own web design business in 2000.


Before becoming a professional web designer I volunteered for a couple years learning web design on PropheZine (a Christian site focused on bible prophecy), formatting and maintaining web pages, and also served as Assistant Editor and then Senior Editor of PZ's bi-monthly e-mail newsletter. I was also one of the Research Assistants and Assistant Editors for Eastern Washington University's Willow Springs Literary Journal for 2 years where I gained a lot of editorial experience.

Combining the above with several years of being an artist in oils and amateur photographer gave me a good background as a web designer. See the Mobile Web Design Portfolio for my most recent website redesigns .


There are a lot of comments from clients whose websites I redesigned on the Testimony page, on the In-Depth SEO Analysis Reports page, as well as on Google maps


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Lori is also a Christian Web Designer

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