Original Christian Poems by Janelle Gregory

Janelle Gregory is a born again Christian homeschooling Mom of three with with a deep love for writing and poetry. It is her desire to minister and encourage through the written word. Her work can be seen at Scottish Radiance Online zine, and in November EWGPresents Online journal will publish her work, In June, "Scribe and Quill" newsletter. She volunteers time greeting and hosting free online chats for Fiction Writers Connection and is co-hosting a new chat for Christians through them free on AOL, logs can be accessed at the website for all internet users.

O'er the Horizon

Over waves invisible
come those indivisible,
hearts have moved on--
waiting beyond.

Come something
Come nothing
Come noon
or high tide.
Eternity beacons
a quickening ride.

Live, and we wait
as times linger on,
work to be done.

Feel through the portal
the reasons increase
to long for the Heavens
and sweet earth's release.

"Even so, come Lord Jesus."(Rev 22:20b KJV)

Janelle Gregory
Copyright April 29, 1999


One at a time
they labor
to pick the fruit
from heavy weighted vines.

Hands, lightly so
careful not to bruise
the ripened fruit.

The baskets fill
to overflowing
and the worker's
joy is growing.

Take them to the wine press
and stomp the ready grapes.
Rejoicing in the harvest
the patient One awaits.

Janelle Gregory
Copyright May 6, 1999


Destiny warred with Fate,
the loss was much too great
for those who left it up to "it"
and passed Him at the gate.

For each does but abhor
the other, counting on
believer's breath.

There never was a stronger
case but arguably, we wait.

In the end, the body count
will determine
who prayed,

And who relied on Fate.

Janelle Gregory
Copyright April 27, 1999

Strains of Distant Guns

"And the winepress was trodden without the city, and blood
came out of the winepress, even unto the horse bridles, by the
space of a thousand and six hundred furlongs" (Rev 14:20 KJV).

Night Screams with the advent
of artificial light, deadly fireworks
flame the hillside.

Brides become widows,
children become orphans.
Death angels ride on
silver bullet wings.

In the Valley of Meggido,
to the bridle, blood rises. Dark
is the Savior's eyes.

pouring out His wrath
to purge this land
oppressing will cease.
Perchance, one cries--

And Redeemer sees, to snatch
them from eternal fires.
Eastward. the Daystar
rising; enfolds them
who have eyes.

High above crying Earth,
destruction bears new birth.

The Glorious newborn Earth
replacing void despair,
wipes the weeping widow's tears,
rocking orphans gently to sleep.

Janelle Gregory
Copyright April 8, 1999

City Life

"Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you:
not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not
your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid."
(John 14:27 KJV)

There is tension
in the city, the noise
touched by confusion
in the stares
of each passerby.
Feel the throb
of heartaches in strangers
crossing the way, in music
pounding out city beats
in crowded streets.
Smell the fear, foul
and stagnet, in run
down shacks where drunks
pull up boxes to hide
from the rats.
Listen to babies wailing
piteously where there's
no milk to drink
and mother's crying near their
overfilled sinks.
Watch men in three-piece
suits with attaches
curse the darkness while
drinking champagne
in the noise
and confusion.
There's little peace left,
but in corners and
hideaways one or two
still retain
the faith of our father's
and pray to stay sane.

Janelle Gregory
Copyright Feb. 28, 1998

The Inquisition

"For he shall have judgment without mercy, that hath showed
no mercy; and mercy rejoiceth against judgment." (James 2:13 KJV)

can you show no pity,
while the suffering
bleed and die?

Do you have no mercy
while the anguished,
hope and cry?

Have you no fear of dying?
Perhaps you've sins
you'd rather forget.

With your last breath,
will you yearn for mercy,
believing this you'll get?

And on that day
upon their God,
dare you even call?

Will He lend you pardon?
Will He let you
cross the wall?

Inspired by Schindler's List

Janelle Gregory
Copyright March 15, 1999