Original Christian Poetry by Timothy Barrett

Spiritual Amnesia

Poem Commentary & Related Scripture

2 Peter 3:17.....James 4:7
Luke 15:11-32....James 1:22-25
Galatians 4:9.....Ephesians 6:12-18
2 Corinthians 10:3-5

"Spiritual Amnesia," is very common among Christians. Most of the time it's very unintentional on our part, but none the less, it happens. Satan makes us forget what manner of person we were before Christ saved us(James 1:24). He gives us little"comfort zones" to be content in, so we don't feel the need for God. Then as we lounge around in an idle state, Satan steals our purpose that God has given us. We need to have a repentive heart and come back to the Lord and God will be "just to forgive us" and restore to us his purpose in our lives.

Have you ever lost your thoughts,
just forgotten who you are?
A total lapse of memory,
your brain not up to par.

These strange and scary feelings,
that frequently will seize ya,
the inner person drifts away,
from a spiritual amnesia.

Those attacks come straight from Satan,
he makes you to forget,
a partial lapse at first,
then he steals it - bit by bit.

Cause a Christian needs his memory,
to remember who he is,
those thoughts that keep you going,
Satan wants them to be his.

The item that he wants the most,
is remembrance of salvation,
"Just rest a while," he tells you,
"give your soul a good vacation."

Then once you've packed your bags,
and journeyed on this trip,
then Satan steals your purpose,
and tightens down his grip.

Then the farther on you go,
the distance you have traveled,
vacation time starts piling up,
and your memory has been unraveled.

Then in the midst of leisure,
the fun you've had so far,
you can't recall for the life of you,
your home, or who you are.

But the thought it lingers firmly,
that you've jumped the chosen track,
how did I get to where I am?
- and how do I get back?

First cancel your vacation,
pack your bags, start getting ready,
concentrate on Jesus Christ,
bring those thoughts back firm and steady.

Then keep your thoughts on Jesus,
where ever you may roam,
and don't forget your purpose,
if you travel far from home.

Cause Jesus loves the forgetful,
when repentance they do find,
so remember who you are my friend,
and keep Jesus on your mind.

© Timothy Jon Barrett

Counter Attack

Poem Commentary & Related Scripture

Proverbs 22:6...Ephesians 6:4
James 5:13-16...Ecclesiastes 4:9-12
James 4:7-10...Ephesians 6:11-18
Matthew 12:29... Matthew 16:19
Matthew 18:18-20... 2 Corinthians 10:3-5

"Counter Attack", is a letter to all parents expressing my concern for young people everywhere. The young people of today are what many are calling,"The forgotten generation, or "The X Generation, saying they are beyond help with little or no hope in life. The Devil Loves to prey on the young ones, since they are the most vulnerable and influencable, not to mention innocent. Parents, it's time that we wake up to the fact that our children are going to "Hell in a handbasket"! The responsibility does not lie with this country or within society's flaws, but upon each parent. God has given you a responsibility to raise your child in a Godly way, and if this way is not enforced and taught, then be ready to account to God, Why your child never made it to HEAVEN!

Moms and Dads, can we chew a little fat?
Concerning your children, it's as simple as that.
Please take this in love, as it is intended,
neither here nor there, please don't be offended.

A child once myself, so I feel I can speak,
to advise you, your children, are heading down creek.
Think of your kids, let their souls be reminders,
it's the twentieth century, so take off your blinders.

They're searching for answers, in a world that don't care,
peer pressure haunts them, it's truth or it's dare.
When they reach out for help, you don't understand,
that they're looking for love, not the back of your hand.

I know that you love them, and in God you believe,
but your children are dying, don't be so naive.
The drugs and the sex, are just a small part,
Satan loves the innocent, it's a great place to start.

In these perilous times, that our kids are rebelling,
you keep blaming yourselves, you think that you're failing.
But if you look at the chart, you'll see where it's pointed,
the Devil's declared war, on all God's annointed.

But you as parents, need Jesus to stack,
the odds against Satan, in a Counter Attack.
So listen real close, you must come awake,
for the souls of your children, are surely at stake.

Prayer is the answer, get down on your knees,
and surrender to God, with merciful pleas.
Get a host of believers, and claim that young soul,
and steal back from Satan, the life that he stole.

Trust your children to Jesus, and his blanket of love,
His care is so perfect, it fits like a glove.
God said, "Train up your children, in the way they should go,
and they never will leave it," this promise I know."

So remember parents, our children do need us,
don't wait too late, give them all up to Jesus.
Then trust in the Lord, whether bad goes to worst,
and rejoice in the fact, they were his children first.

© Timothy Jon Barrett

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