Poetry by Frederick St.Pierre

Frederick St.Pierre

Atlanta Monthly recently proclaimed Frederick R. St.Pierre as one of the five new American Poets on the American Horizon and the Salvation Army will be publishing his "Pasture Lands of God," in their monthly magazine soon. Frederic has been invited to lecture at the University of the Andes, in late February 2003, in South America where they used his work last year in their study of poetry in their English Dept. His poetry has also been utilized by several private schools in the English/Poetry Units in South America as well as a large Christian school in Australia and also a Christian school in South Africa. He has also been invited to read one of his poems, at the Teach 2003 Convention in March 03, Dallas, Texas (his second participation in this convention).

The following poem has been selected by committee to be a finalist in the International Open Poetry Contest. The poem will be published in late winter 2002 in "Under a Quicksilver Moon," Library of Congress ISBN-0-7951-5065-2.

God's Dawn

Mount Grinnell, Glacier Park, MT., at sunrise

The morning is awake, bright and blue,
New light from the heavens shines for you,
Birds, Bees, Clouds and Trees, yes fresh
morning dew,
All nature works to wake for you
Open your eyes and look out far,
Catch last nights fleeting star,
Behold God's new day upon your eyes,
Save the thought my child,
Start to rise,
Let your happiness reflect your soul,
Live and learn, a young child's goal

© September 28, 2001
Frederick R. St.Pierre

My Butterfly

butterfly sipping water from a creek

was the colored wings that caught my eye
watched that small creature fly and fly,
over the hilly meadows and up the dale
beautiful colors in her wings and tail,
quick to turn and fly high, then up and down
my little Butterfly, flew round and round,
oh, the sun danced upon her marvelous wings
tis a speculator sight with nature's things,
I dreamed that I might just want to fly
to be that one butterfly liberated in the sky,
free of all earthly tasks that clearly do bind
becoming another new butterfly for any child of God to find.

© February 8, 2002
Frederick R. St.Pierre

Pasturelands of God

star of david with wooden cross

Oh Israel, hear my low moaning Christian cry
your lands are threatened and your people will die,
I remember the youth lessons learned from the Bible of Old
God, gave you these lands as he steadfastly foretold,
times of trouble and sorrow have come your nations way
bombings, insults and death, comprise each uncertain day,
Jerusalem, Jerusalem, next mighty throne of our Lord God
A Holy ground, where terror and wickedness must not trod,
Christian and Jew, will stand together at the old wall and pray
The nation of Israel and Jerusalem will stand till God's Day.

© August 12, 2002
Frederick R. St.Pierre

Life's Riches

Life holds so many priceless things
The falling rain - the wind that sings,
Each star on high - a big full moon
And sunbeams dancing in your room,
The river deep as it rushes on,
A sunset when the day is gone.

No Wealth can buy a mountain tall,
These priceless things God gave to all,
A graceful tree lends beauty rare
New leaves to make shade everywhere.

Could anything be quite so dear
As laughing young children that we hear,
The gift of friendship that is truly ours
we count our friends among the stars,
The miracle of nature growing special flowers
Each magic flower bed viewed for hours,
Each nature moment a treasured time
All priceless gifts are yours and mine.

© March 25, 2002
Frederick R. St.Pierre

Fleeting Time


a pocket of time, maybe in your busy day
begs you spend some time at prayer and play,
your friends come and want to say
come outside, enjoy the sunny day,
the air is clean and the weather good
come outside, you know you should,
take the time to play and grow
all your surroundings will please you so,
time is important and needs to pass too
the sounds of nature and God's love for you,
drift with the time and play with life,
trust the adventure never fills with strife
a time forgotten in one's older mind
of when we were litle and life was so kind,
hold that thought within your mind's grasp,
tis the sound of youth, it passes so fast,
lock your mind on bigger, bible goals,
to reach for life and all it holds,
your mind flashes to thoughts so bold
to fun and friends, and always truth,
then we know life's sounds never go
they just move with the current in life's flow,
take your time and listen long,
the fleeting moment of youth's soft song,
ask not why and when your soul must fly
take life on earth until the final cry
the days of life will come and truly go
earth's time tis but one short grand show,
be of good cheer and fear your soul not,
God's eternal life is always ahead of man's clock.

© July 04th, 2002
Frederick R. St.Pierre

The Long Road

The journey in life, one would always say
Twas the road traveled hard in every way,
The bumps, the bends, the curves, the hills
The road of life causes difficult spills,
So there you are all banged up and blue
The tough road of life has visited you,
You look around and see so much pain
Wondering how you can make some gain,
The clouds look dark and the weather grows cold
The wind blows from the North ever so bold,
When at last your busy mind is totally done
When at last you have no other place to run,
You go back into youth for great words of old
The words of truth, the words you were told,
Worry my friend, not about the roads way
For the Lord is with you each and every day,
Tis your sprit that must come and rise up high
Your Lord sends angels down from the sky,
Yes, the angels of love, goodness and mercy too
The heavenly ones that will bring you through,
Say praises from your mouth every day
The Lord God of Israel is with you all the way.

© October 01, 2002
Frederick R. St.Pierre

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