Poetry by Sheila Gosney

The Unfathomable Love Of God

Though beautiful songs have been skillfully sung
and earth's poets have served as a scribe,
The love of God can't totally be explained
and it's richness not fully described.

And if we tried to use paper to write all the words
that embody God's mercy so free,
We'd use all the paper that's ever been made
and the earth would be barren of trees.

Then if we needed ink to use on that paper
we'd have to search for more ink to spend.
Without a doubt, the ink would run out
before God's goodness would come to an end.

And if the heavens used rainfall to honor the Lord
and tell tales of His awesome power,
The whole earth would flood and be soaking wet
for there would be no end to the shower.

Then if the mountains in unison described their Maker
they would roar till the whole earth would shake.
The sound would be heard all over the planets
and be felt like a mighty earthquake.

Though we all try our best with the words we know
there's a limit to what our minds hold.
How unfathomable and great is the love of our God
and the half has never been told.

(c) 2001 Sheila Gosney

I Will Praise The Lord

I will praise the name of the Most High God
regardless of life's situations.
For He is deserving of every single word
of my grateful exaltations.
I'll praise Him when I have enough money
and I will praise Him when finances are tight.
I'll praise His sweet name when I see the sun rising
and I'll praise in the silence of night.
I will praise Him when He gives me a victory
and I will praise Him for no earthly reason.
I will praise His name when things stay the same
and I will praise Him for the changing seasons.
I will praise the Lord when life is easy
and I'll praise Him when things become hard.
I will praise Him for things a million miles away
or as close as my own back yard.
For the Lord that I praise is omnipotent and Holy
and He's the incredible Ancient of Days.
My life sure changes, but the Lord never does,
and that's enough for my offerings of praise.

(c) 2001 Sheila Gosney

The Evidence Of God

There are skeptics who doubt the existence of God
and they refute the claim that He's real.
They are hardened to the evidence all around them
till their hearts can but barely feel.
But the magnitude of the universe we are a part of
is sheer proof God put it in place.
For who else but a holy, all-powerful God
could have put planets and stars out in space ?
And only God could have made things the way they are
for it's all synchronized to work together.
For it's God who tells the birds to fly south
before the onset of winter's cold weather.
And it's the Creator who waters the earth He made
by sending rain to fall down from the sky.
Then He gathers it up to store in the clouds
till the next time the earth is dry.
AndÊno one other than an all-knowing God
would make oxygen come forth from trees.
For He knew He would create mankind as well
and we would need precious air to breathe.
Some of us need no words of persuasion
for we are certain of the way that we feel.
For we see the clear evidence that God made it all
and we know for certain He's real.

(c) 2001 Sheila Gosney