Poems by Scott West

While I was Listening

You opened my eyes while I was asleep
And all Your dreams revealed to me
A land to be conquered through gentleness
A world that's devoured by cleverness
Crafty are the serpents ways
Minds are host to thoughts depraved
Smooth and silent the serpent slips in
Souls are weak to the powers of sin
His eyes of love will viciously kill
Those accepting of his poison instilled
He whispers the words we want to hear
Unaware that he is our greatest fear
We like zombies walk his dreadful path
While all along mockingly he laughs
He's so sure he's got our souls for good
With the strings we're his puppets of wood
Dangling from his taloned fingertips
We wait to decay into the abyss
But our Lord and Saviour with eyes of fire
Will smite the dragon, 'tis His main desire
But we who he's called must willingly act
Upon the words given, the call to attack
And gird ourselves with the armour to fight
The day has finally come, there'll be no sleep tonight
For the angel of death 24-7 is on the prowl
Waiting for the moment when our guard comes down
Stand your ground, soldiers--stand your ground
And your reward shall be; no longer lost but found

S. West
copyrighted 05/06/99

Am I So Weak?

Why do I fall
When things are going so well
Why do I betray my Lord
Just to fall into hell
Why do I listen to words
Full of deceit and lies
Why do I ignore my Lord
I am crying inside
Why do I try to appease
My own fleshly desires
Why do I cast my Lord
Into my sinful mire
Why do I become hardened
When I've finally become soft
Why do I place His word
High and aloft
Why do I do the things
I know in my heart are wrong
Why is my Savior not placed
In the stature where He belongs
First and foremost in my life

S. West
copyrighted 8 March 2000

I Am Learning

The pain returns to tear deep inside
The scars into wounds that were yearning just to die
Yet soft, silent and deadly is this evil poison
Leaving me stranded, lonely and poignant

I cry to the outer most parts of this earth
Where is my strength and my inner worth
Why does this poison inflict only me
I am slowly dying, can you not see (this)

I don't know how to wait patiently for you
I don't know how to be alone, find me so confused
I don't know why I make this harder than it is
For deep inside I know you're impossible to miss

Where, oh lord, do you hide your sweet peace
Lead me to the waters, set my heart at ease
Lift me up to higher ground, save me from the flood
I'm yearning for freedom through your redeeming blood

I reach to feel, yet you say "My child, rely not
On experiences or feelings, for that is not God"
I search with longing, and that's when you say
"You are learning and I am proud. Here I am today"

So you filter your love through my mortal being
As I feel loneliness and depression now are freeing
Their needles of injection from my submissive skin
Replaced with peace and love and comfort deep within

S. West
copyrighted 4-10-00

Ancient Friend or Fiend

I find that once again
Jealousy has come to be my friend
Without an invitation
He stays for his duration

I try to flout his presence
But he leaves a lingering essence
That malevolently takes its place
Upon the paths I now retrace

I try to refute his force
But like a river he runs his course
Till another page is turned
And a bridge I've grown to love is burned

So I listen with deaf ears
Yet inside there rages ardent fear
While he scoffs and laughs at me
Upon my knees I gasp to breathe

Yet until I learn to find
My strength lies not within mankind
But rather in Christ my Lord
The Word made flesh, a two-edged sword

That kills the enemy
Tis the only remedy
Where once again peace can reside
And the pain of loving shall subside

Thus I shall cling to my Savior's side

S. West
copyrighted 3/24/00

Falling By The Scores

Little boy walking down the street
Little girl prays her soul to keep
Little boy tries to be discreet
Little girl falls down at his feet

          One by one they're falling down
          Innocent lives are laid to waste
          Who's gonna intercede for them
          Who's going down on their knees to pray

Little boy holds a loaded gun
Little girl with nowhere to run
Little boy puts her life at stake
Little girl kneels to face her fate

          One by one they're falling down
          Innocent lives are laid to waste
          Who's gonna intercede for them
          Who's going down on their knees to pray

Little boy kneels beside his bed
Little girl's thoughts are being fed
Little boy calls her on the phone
Little girl says he's not alone
I've been praying too

          One by one they're falling down
          Innocent lives are laid to waste
          Who's gonna intercede for them
          Who's going down on their knees to pray

Why are our children on their knees
While we sit and watch them die
Living our lives in complacency
Living our lives to die

S. West
copyrighted 1/18/00