Poems by Raquel Vargas

Hello. My name is Raquel Natalie Vargas. Raquel means, "lamb of
God," and Natalie means, "Christmas Child." Since finding out the
meaning of my names, I have grown to love them and love He who named me.

I was born in Long Island, New York, raised in Plainfield, New Jersey
and have recently moved to Elizabeth, New Jersey.

I am at a point in my life where I realize that anything that is good
about me has nothing to do with me. God is stripping me of my pride
and ego and I am learning to love being simple and humble despite the
fleshly struggle.

More and more I realize how true that, "To whom much is given, much is
required." I am blessed with many gifts. God is teaching me how to
manage my gifts and the responsibilites that go with it. Thank God
for His patience!! :D

I am learning to love the Lord in new and exciting ways. I am
learning to be faithful and consistent. God is hearing my prayers and
putting people in my path to help me grow in Him.

I am thankful for this time that I get to honor Him and grateful for
the opportunity to praise Him with my poetry.

In This Walk

God bless you with wisdom,
God bless you with might,
God bless you with courage
to do what is right.
For in this walk
you will still find
those that carry
a "Pharisee-mind".
His Word had declared it,
His Word had decreed
that many are lost
and it's Sad-you-see. (Sadducee)
As the time draws near
we must intercede
and be ever-faithful
down on our knees.

Raquel vargas

(c) 3-22-99