Poetry by Mark Carpenter


Jesus, O' Jesus! I'm searching for Your hand.
Won't You give it once again, and take me from this land?

I trust You Lord, I trust You, but I must ask You today -
To light the path before my feet, so I will know the way

Back to Your loving arms, that treated me so well,
On the day You took my hand, and rescued me from Hell.

I'm not sure how it happened, but somehow I have strayed
Away from that narrow path that's been forever laid.

I've wandered through the desert, and many seas I've crossed,
Just to find I've left You - Lord, help me, I am lost!

I don't know where You slipped away - so there's no going back, You see.
The only hope that I have left, is praying You'll find me.

I'm in a place that's dark and cold; there is no day - just night,
And maybe I could find a sign, if I only had some light.

But all I have is darkness, and the cold of solitude -
Unless You can find me, and give me Faith-renewed.

One thing that I'm sure of Lord; without You I will die.
So let me tell You quickly, before I say "Goodbye".

I'm sorry, Lord, so sorry, for not listening to You.
I took many steps un-guided, but didn't think them through.

I trust that I am saved, from the flames that burn below,
But the cold of life without You, I wish I didn't know.

Oh thank You, Lord, for coming to rescue me again.
I know that it was just a day, but it feels like years - times ten.

Mark A. Carpenter
© Copyright 1996
All Rights Reserved

Going Home

And now the day has come, to spread my wings and fly,
Climbing, ever higher, the clouds are falling by.

Looking down I see them, shrinking ants against the ground.
For all their work and toil, what answers have they found?

Do they understand the peace I feel, as I rise to meet the Lord?
Or, do they seek an answer to how much can they afford?

I know just what they're thinking, 'cause once I was down there -
Living life like they do, chasing wind and catching air.

But now my life has ended, the years have all flown by,
I see what I am leaving - why did I fear to die?

I loved Him then, I love Him now, the Lord I climb to see -
No longer must I just have faith - with Jesus I will be!

Though I've left them all behind me, and love is all I feel,
I wish somehow to tell them - Wake up you fools! He's real!

But I had my chance - it's over now; I'll have to wait and see,
If God will send another to reach the souls assigned to me.

Climbing, ever higher, something distant all looks new.
I see a man, He's coming, leaving footprints in the dew.

Closer now, I see the Lord, as He reaches out His hand.
Right now, this very moment, at last I understand!

This is all the love of God, expressed in human form,
The power and the might of Him, who calms the raging storm.

He's reaching out to take my hand, I'll touch Him soon it seems.
Then suddenly I wake up! Lord, I love and hate those dreams!

Mark A. Carpenter
© Copyright 1997
All Rights Reserved


The Lord is coming, all eyes shall see,
And most shall ask, "Who art Thee?"
Their knees shall buckle, and down they'll go,
Upon their face, so their sin won't show.
"My Lord, O' God! What is my lot?"
And He shall answer "Your lord, I am not!
Depart from me, foul creature of sin!
Your place is Hell, licking dust from your chin.
You sought me not, though I gave you life.
Now make your way to eternal strife.
Look in the mirror, my words of Truth,
Reveal the horror of your misspent youth.
You hardened your heart, growing ugly inside;
Your grotesque appearance, no longer can hide.
Join the damned, licking wounds for your thirst!!
Wretched being, now listen first.
I gave you a chance - tenfold and more,
But you wouldn't listen - just chose to ignore.
I sent you a beggar, with his hand out for food,
But you spit in his face and treated him rude.
So, I sent you a preacher to share the good news,
But you slammed the door and said, 'I refuse!'
. Then I sent you a child to tug at your heart;
You couldn't be bothered, so you tore him apart!!
I gave you a dream, a nightmare of Hell;
You just rolled over, refusing to yell.
I sent you an angel, who said 'Friend prepare';
And then you did it - you said 'I don't care!'
Now the end is here; you've had your chance,
Reflect on your life - here it is in a glance.
You see! You're guilty!! Just yourself to blame!
But you could've avoided the eternal flame!
No one is perfect - least of all you;
If only you cared, that I died for you, too."

Mark A. Carpenter
© Copyright 1996
All Rights Reserved