Poetry by Mark Weinrich

My poetry arises from my daily devotional life with The Lord. I have had over 360 poems, articles, and short stories published in 103 different publications, some include THE UPPER ROOM, BIRDS AND BLOOMS, NEW MEXICO MAGAZINE, IDEALS, THE SECRET PLACE, and LIVE. I have also sold eight children’s books and currently have two fantasy novels on Kindle. I have been a Christian & Missionary Alliance pastor for over 38 years.


Fear not, faint not,
This storm will soon be past.
Be faithful, keep rowing,
There’s purpose in each task.

Pray together, pull together,
His promises are true.
His Spirit in weakness
Gives strength to be renewed.

We will meet Him in this storm
In the twinkling of an eye.
He will walk upon the waves
Or His Glory fill the sky.


Master of the storms
The waves are crashing down
I hear their roar, O help me, Lord.
My heart is faint, my faith is weak.

Master in this storm
My boat is breaking up;
I hear Your words, Your words of peace;
I hear the hush, the calm of peace.

Master through the storms
I know You’ll bring us home;
For where You lead, You rule in peace.
How could I doubt the waves will cease?
Master of the storms.


More than rumors,
families torn by civil war,
nations rise
with children armed,
More than tears are shed.

Infants that could not join
their brothers,
battle for their lives
with swollen bellies,
More than hunger
crying from their eyes.

But these are all
just birth pangs of the end—
Jesus calls to cold and slumbering churches,
“And this good news of the Kingdom
shall be preached….”
And then He calls again.

Previously published in ALLIANCE LIFE, Feb. 1995


Lord, if I’m a light
there must be a burning;
for fires ever crave
freedom and fuel—
flames insatiable
as the flesh.

What fuel have I to feed,
to feed this glowing blaze?
Let Your Spirit
bellow my flame
and burn all
to manifest Christ.

Mark Weinrich
P.O. Box 3115
Mesquite, NV 89024