Poems by Linda Reynolds

Messiah's Promise

My rough hewn canoe
slowly and silently slides
into the murky waters
of the bay before dawn,
before they come to rend the quiet.

I have an angel in my pocket,
and a dove for a boatswain.
Denver barks at a moccasin,
tongue quivering, as I tip my hat,
and bid him ado.

Low hanging willows and wisteria
crawl down the back of my neck,
sending chills up my spine,
in cadence to the chirping of crickets
in this misty aqua cathedral.

The sanctity of this gentle place
caresses my body, soul and spirit.
This is God's garden of respite.
For once I am away from red faces
in Egyptian cotton, spewing superlatives
best left unsaid.

* "Peace, be still, for I AM Alpha and the Omega
the beginning and the end.
I will protect you, and am faithful
even to the end of the age."

*"Even so, come quickly
Lord Jesus".

** From the Holy Bible

© Linda Reynolds

The 6th and 7th Dawn

I will rise above God!
I will strike the heel of man.
I will be wisest of all.
The angels will follow me,
I will chortle in the face of Him, who is Most High.

I will laugh as I buffet them will sorrow.
and crush them with pain.
"Who is your God?"
"Where is the promise of His coming?"

My children will be free to play,
they will have the power over all the Earth!
May the simple in mind continue to worship
Him who would contend with me.

I will harm His children in their Mother's womb,
and cause his own to marry one another,
only to cast aside the one for the other.
I will delude them and I will rend them away.

His only Son will I scourge and shame,
for He would not worship me.
I will kill Him, and he will never be above me.
My own shall spit upon Him, and nail Him to a tree.

Slowly will I chip away at His power over them
until they believe Him no more.
They will submerge His visage
in that which is tainted of man and animal.

Then will I turn on them that followed me.
They shall be as dumb animals, and I will
scream in laughter at their calamity.
I will hate and choke them with their own blood.

Who is this that rides toward me on a white horse?
I need such a rider for my army!
But NO! It is the FAITHFUL and TRUE!
He is the SON of the MOST HIGH!

Oh that I might hide, but where can I go?
The mountains are made low,
the valleys are exhalted!
The Earth quakes under my feet.

His clothing have the color of blood,
and His eyes are like a flaming fire!
Behold the army behind Him,
Who hath seen such an army?

it is the Lamb of God!

It was your own that sinned against you!
Please do not cast us into the Lake of Fire!
We are DAMNED False Prophet, Woe be unto US!

We will be tormented in this dark place forever!
Surely this is not my fault, but your own,
my followers have failed me miserably.
I do not deserved such an everlasting damnation!

Yes, Lucifer you do.

© Linda Reynolds

This poem was written for one purpose, that purpose being to allow whoever will read it to think about the coming of Jesus Christ, which is very near. Everything within me that has value comes from Him. I have not lived as though I should be a joint heir of Christ, but Hallelujah I am. Nothing is worth the eternal damnation of hell, which is very very real. You simply cannot put off accepting Jesus as your Savior, for we have no idea how long we will live, nor how long He will tarry. He will not force you to believe, he stand at the door and knocks. Please act responsibly and open that door to Him. You will never regret it.