Poems by Christina Lake

Christina Lake was born in Toronto, Ontario in 1966 but grew up in Brantford because she was adopted at the age of two. She credits her adoptive mother with giving her the love of the English language. Her grade nine English teacher, at a chance meeting years after graduation, encouraged her to take up writing again. Between volunteering her time as the editor of a non-profit newsletter, working during the day and writing her first inspirational novel, she also studies the Bible as it pertains to endtimes. Led to the Lord by her husband of fourteen years, she is kept busy raising two daughters, one kitten and a goldfish named Thomas. She is a member of The Writers' Circle of Brantford.


Earth flattened
air thickened
sky darkened
blood sickens

No creature creeps
no fowl flies
mens' hearts fail
fear prevails

Trumpet sounds
those on ground
look anigh
t'wards the sky

Christ returns
new Name burns
men understand
Truths at hand

Sword of light
penetrates night
slays His foes
His own know

End has come
Conqueror has won

Christina Lake
(c) April 2,000

The Conqueror

Death, ever hungry
prowls across the earth
dedicated to draining
life from humanity.

We hear the hoofbeats.

Menace Incarnate
Pale rider of the skies
sorrow and sickness
are your minions.

We refuse to surrender.

Swift murdering thief
Cancer of the world
you steal the body
from mankind.

Your hunt is not eternal.

Victorious for a
short season longer
you'll know what it means
to be hunted.

The Conqueror is coming for you.

Because He lives, we can say,
"Death, where is thy sting?"
sentenced by your very nature
you shall be the last to perish.

Death shall be no more.

Christina Lake

2-24-99 (c)

Christina is a published writer and can be contacted at:
4-309 Greenwich St
Brantford ON

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Contributed a true story There's A Foreigner in My Family Tree and Touched By Adoption, a book published by Playing With Words.

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Editor/Contributor to "Food for Thought", the quarterly newsletter
of the Brantford Food Co-operative.

Former Contributing Editor to "Ink & Ink Ability", the newsletter
of The Writers' Circle of Brantford.