Poetry by Kathy Gandy

The Time is Near

Lift up your eyes and look to heaven
Don't be puffed up like bread with leaven.
Receive Him now fight doubt and fear
He's coming back, the time is near.

For years you've wondered in pain and strife
Rejecting Jesus from your wasted life.
This world has brought you many a tear
So open your heart, the time is near.

O' come to Jesus, He'll make you complete
He'll stop the enemy and his defeat.
Come right now the message is clear
Don't put it off, the time is near.

As you grow older with every task
You may look back and yourself you'll ask:
Why didn't I listen? Why didn't I hear?
When the word was given, the time is near.

Run to Jesus, Hurry don't wait!
If you put it off it may be too late.
These words you've heard year after year
Come quickly to Jesus, the time is near.

Jesus loves you and He gave His all
So step out on faith at the altar call.
Receive His gift and all heaven will cheer,
Because they know, the time is near.

(c) Kathy Gandy

A Promise to the Church

Church, wait upon the Lord
even though He seems to tarry.
He'll come just as He promised
and you He's going to marry.

You know He is your God
and blessed you'll always be,
for waiting upon the Lord
so patient and obediently.

As you wait upon the Lord
yes as your soul doth wait,
Always be slow to wrath
remember to love and not to hate.

As a servant of the Lord
you know you must be kind.
For many are confused
but God can change their minds.

He'll always be your God
and you, He is going to save.
This is a very important promise
to the church He lovingly gave.

(c) Kathy Gandy

Come Quickly Jesus

I will not deny
but I will testify
that I adore You.
The stripes You bore
the crown You wore
I'm sorry Jesus.

Though You cried aloud
above the crowd
Father forgive them.
You were crucified
and then You died
I love You Jesus.

You rose again
You're more than a man
You are Messiah.
Again You'll return
and my heart does yearn
I want to see You.

As I rise each day
these words I say
Abba Father.
Each time I pray
please don't delay
Come quickly Jesus!

The time is near
You'll soon appear
could it be tomorrow?
I'll keep my eye
on that eastern sky
Come quickly Jesus!

(c) Kathy Gandy

Watch and Wait

When Jesus ascended many years ago
He said I'll be back and I know this is so.
Jesus made a promise that I know He will keep
So watch and wait, and don't fall asleep.

Give Jesus your heart and surrender your life
He's soon coming back for His church His wife.
Serve Him daily with praise and song
Watch and wait, Êfor it won't be long.

Jesus went to the Father, that's what He said
and He's very alive, oh no He's not dead!
So love your neighbor and obey God's word
Watch and wait, He's coming back like you heard.

He said I go to prepare a place
It will be wonderful, no sin, not a trace.
So pray without ceasing and always endure
Watch and wait, He's coming soon I'm sure.

Oh how I love Jesus we will eternally say
As we bow at His feet and our crowns we lay.
So people get ready, give Him everything
Watch and be waiting for our soon coming King!

(c) Kathy Gandy