Poetry by Roger Horsch

I once was lost, but now I'm found

My parents divorced when I was about three years old, and then both remarried. I had a hard time knowing my place in this world, and I spent most of my young adult life searching for that place.

I was brought up attending a Baptist church, but I never truly committed to walking the path of faith. I had a God shaped whole in my heart that later I learned could only be filled by God Himself.

I wound up getting into trouble, hurting a lot of family and friends along the way, leaving me with nothing. I eventually wound up in prison for felony forgery. It was there, in a cell by myself that the realization hit me of where my life has led me, and where it appeared to be going, but I knew this is not who I really was, or who I wanted to be. Losing everything, left me nothing but God, but deep down in my heart, I knew that God is all I ever really needed.

It was there on my knees in that cell at night where I asked Jesus to forgive me for my sins and I relinquished my heart to Jesus. In my cell, I had nothing but a Bible, a pencil and 4 sheets of paper. The very next morning, I started reading the Bible, and read it from front to back over the next week. I then started writing my feelings about how God made me feel in poetry form.. My first poem was titled, "The Light of Sight". At that moment, when I read it back to myself, I realized that the Lord had blessed me with something that I never had before, the gift of inspiration through poetry.

Since I got out of prison, I am now living for God. I am attaching several of the poems that God has blessed me to write, to give others hope and to inspire them to find the Lord like I did.


by Roger Horsch
Life is a blessing given to us
From the day of our own birth
And through the hands of God Himself
He gives us all self-worth.

We all have the choice to choose what’s right
‘Cause he gave us all free will
For if you choose the things of this world
You will surely roll down hill.

You will land in a hole that you can’t get out
No matter how hard you try
And no one will be able to help you out
No matter how loud you cry.

There is only one way out of this hole
On a path that is very thin
You must surrender your life to Jesus Christ
Then He’ll forgive you for all your sin.

He will set your feet on solid ground
He will help you walk up hill
He will show you how to choose what’s right
Then He’ll show you His own will.

When we keep our eyes on Jesus
God’s only begotten Son
Everything comes in second
For the Lord is number one.

The Joy of Salvation

by Roger Horsch
Our spirits will radiate the joy of salvation
In all that we think and do
And we won’t get tired of doing God’s will
For the Word of the Lord is true

Our relationship with God through prayer
Has a limitless supply of love
The majesty and power of the one who is king
Will be given to us from above

He gave us freedom to give our fears
And our worries and problems to Him
That the chance of ever losing our faith
Through the Spirit of Love is slim

So, find a word that comes from God
And stand for His words are true
He says we should ask through prayer
For these things He’ll always do

If our faith in God’s love is consistent
He’ll catch us if we fall
He’ll provide solutions to all our problems
No matter how big or small

So rejoice in the Lord our father
And put a smile upon your face
For we’ll soak ourselves in God’s great glory
And bask within His grace.

Heaven is in My View

by Roger Horsch
Thank you Lord for being with me
Every morning when I wake
The faith I have in you is strong
My joy no one can take

Your love is everlasting
It’s wonderful to me
Your continuous presence in my life
Is there for all to see.

Once my heart was closed to you
Then you opened up my eyes
I bow to all your holiness
When I look up at the skies

I see now why you died for me
For I know you had a choice
My sin you took upon yourself
And for that I will rejoice

You gave me everlasting life
Your word I know is true
For I long to be within your sight
Now that Heaven is in my view.

The Spirit of God

by Roger Horsch
The Spirit of God is with us
He’s in everything we see
He’s there from the highest mountain top
To the bottom of the sea

The Spirit of God is with us
He’s in everything we hear
He’s there in the sounds that are far away
To the spoken word that’s near

The Spirit of God is with us
He’s in everything we smell
He’s there with the most pungent of all
to the aromatic flower that fell

The Spirit of God is with us
He’s in everything we feel
He’s with the mother that labors with child
To the pleasures that appeal

The Spirit of God is with us
So you don’t have to look too far
Just look at your reflection
‘cause He’s in everything you are

The Light of Sight

By Roger Horsch

He opened my eyes so I could see
The power of his light
For once I saw His light so dim
But now it shines so bright.

Now I see what I was once
For He changed me from within
I tried to fight to live my life
But, I found I still had sin.

It’s hard to live a sin-free life
But I know that I should try
To do the things He has planned for me
Before the day I die.

I love my Lord unconditionally
For I know what’s wrong or right
He changed me into the man I am
A man that now has sight.

The Gift of Giving

by Roger Horsch

I saw her on the street corner
she was holding up a sign
All she was doing was asking for help
but she wanted something of mine.

She was asking for any change I had
she didn’t ask for very much
I looked to see just what I had
for my heart I felt she touched.

I noticed she was elderly
and had trouble holding the sign in her hand
She could barely walk upon the street
and it was hard for her to stand.

I looked directly into her eyes
and then I started to cry
I couldn’t understand why I felt this way
as she was walking by.

I waved for her to come to me
I don’t know why I felt so bad
That’s when I reached into my pocket
and gave her everything I had.

She thanked me over and over
she said, may God bless you every day
I told her, she deserves the blessing from God
as I watched her walk away.

I know God touched my soul that day
‘cause He taught me how to give
I will never forget this lesson I learned
as long as I shall live.


By Roger Horsch

I praise you Lord for the things you do
For you’re with me every day
I praise you for the love you give
As you show me how to pray.

I praise you for the gift you gave
Through your suffering and sacrifice
I praise you for all the things you did
For the Love you give is nice.

I praise you for the blood you shed
As you cleansed me of my sin
You changed my life from what it was
You redeemed me from within.

I love you Lord with all my soul
Let me be faithful in all my ways
So I can enter your gates with thanksgiving
And, your courts with all my praise.

Thank You Lord

By Roger Horsch

I thank you Lord for hearing me
When I get on my knees to pray
I thank you Lord every day for life
As I go from day to day.

I thank you Lord for your sacrifice
When you died on the cross for me
I once walked thru life being blinded
But, because of you I now can see.

I thank you Lord for the miracles you send
Your love, forgiveness and grace
I thank you Lord for carrying me
When I could no longer set the pace.

I thank you Lord for lifting me
My spirit you lift so high
I thank you Lord when I’m feeling down
‘cause you give me the will to try.

You gave me the path to eternal life
And, only you my Lord know when
The day I can thank you face to face
In Jesus name, Amen.


By Roger Horsch

When the Lord blesses us
It’s a very special gift
He reaches deep within our soul
Our spirit He will lift.

The happiness that we all can feel
When His hands lift us up high
Gives us hope for another day and
Shows us we should try

To live our lives the best we can
With the love of Christ Himself
We should never stop believing, or
Put our faith up on a shelf

His blessings are here to strengthen our faith, and
To show what He can do
He wants to give His blessings
Just pray and see it through.

So, when your life’s not going right, and
You’re feeling a little stressed
Just think of the love that Jesus gave, and
You will know you’re surely blessed.

By Your Side

By Roger Horsch

There are things in our lives that happen
That can cause us to run and hide
But there is a strength that runs right through us
‘cause we know Jesus is by our side.

He’s always there when times are tough
And when the times are good
We should remember to pull our strength from Him
Because He says we always should.

He gives us the power to overcome
He opens our eyes to see
What it is our lives are now
And what our lives should be.

Our time is only temporary
As we walk upon this earth
He’s been guiding our lives to be the best we can
From the time of our own birth.

So, find some happiness within yourself
‘cause you know how hard you’ve tried
Then, take peace in knowing the Lord is here
And that He’s standing right by your side.

Wisdom is Her Name

By Roger Horsch

Does not wisdom call out her name
On our paths along the way?
That’s why we should listen really hard
For she has things of worth to say.

And, at the point where our paths should meet
Is where she’ll take her stand
She can lead us into the city of gold
If we would only take her hand.

Her voice speaks of understanding
And her mouth speaks of what is true
That if we listen to the knowledge she gives
We will know just what to do.

She was there when He set the heavens in place
And the foundations of the earth
For all the words of her mouth were just
From the day of mankind’s birth.

So, if you seek you’ll find her
And your life won’t be the same
For you’ll always find favor from the Lord
‘Cause, Wisdom is her name.