Poetry by Greg Annett

Open Letter To Osama

If there had never been a death
Or casualty by your mean hand
Would life have meant as much to you
Which slips away like hourglass sand?

What purpose do you fathom,
Is faith a heartless rage
Against the foes you love to hate,
The guardians of the age?

How clever your reduction
Of human life to senseless death
Your mind control is absolute
Your victims stifling their own breath.

And your angelic master
Whose face was seen in murder's smoke
How deep the bitter irony
Religion was his master stroke.

Now death will stalk you also
While still you boast of more.
Perhaps The only love you know
Is love of death, the scoreless draw.

© Greg Annett, 11th October 2001


In latter days as Noah's time
The rain will fall in drops sublime
To soak the earth, the world of man
As only God the Spirit can.

As levels rise and people swim
We have the choice to follow Him
Before the end He'll close the door
And those in Christ the Ark will soar.

So will you turn or will you drown?
Revival moves from town to town
When love comes knocking at your door
How will you answer the Spirit's roar?

The waves will thunder, the tides will churn
There's no surrender, no return
Some will fight and some will run
The waters will rise on everyone.

© Greg Annett
© September 2000


What is truth? was Pilate's question
Such as he could not explain
Even now we strive to conquer
Depths of ignorance,disdain.

Source of truth and source of pleasure
Wisdom's grasp is Christ's decree
Suffer all the little children
Such as these belong to me

How we know that He is righteous
This we know, that He is true
Little knowing but His presence
Settling like evening's dew

Knowing that our time is precious
Coming quickly to an end
Seeking for a sudden answer
Searching for a common friend

Truth our answer, truth the question
Truth our mission, truth the goal
Truth the only true objective
Of the truest human soul.

Greg Annett