Poetry by Gerald Bergeron

My name is Gerald Bergeron, author of five books, and married with four children. I am a prophecy buff and love Jesus. I am awaiting His soon return. I also have written poetry for many years and many of them are posted on my blog below, thank you and God bless. Gerald Bergeron.

Heavenly Battle

There is a war, being waged in the heavens with that old dragon in a warrior disguise. Every time his mouth is opened, it sends forth a barrage of lies.

There are blasphemous words, which he shouts aloud, yet to God’s servants this is no great concern. For they carry their message from God to the earth, while he tries to foil them at every turn.

Yet in the expanse where this war is being fought, God’s servants all brandish a sword. They also refuse to relinquish their dignity; they simply rebuke him in the name of the Lord.

His anger and violence is then directed towards men, in an attack to destroy God’s command. Yet the battle was won long ago at the cross, something he fails to understand.

This spiritual battle continues to be waged, with the victims being those who reject God’s Son. These souls being defeated, by a conquered enemy, who devours them one by one.

Here in the center of this dragon’s lair, where his fate was determined from the start, the sword of the spirit, THE WORD OF GOD, has pierced his wicked heart.

Our fight is not against flesh and blood, yet it is for all the souls of men. The victory is standing on the threshold of heaven, where Jesus will come back again.

Keep your mind on those things above; do not fear all the trials here below. For the Lord has given us the victory, he has already defeated our foe.

That devil will surely bring up your past; reminding you of each time, you fell. Just stand in the power of the name of Jesus, and remind him of his future in Hell!

Maybe Today

There are wars and even rumors of war,
happening throughout this earth.
With nations rising against nations,
like the pains before the birth.

With earthquakes, shaking many places
and the gospel preached in every land.
Could the tribulation start today,
could destruction be at hand?

Jesus said; as you see these things happening,
to look up, your redemption draws near.
Parents and children battling each other,
it sounds as though it is here.

The signs may now be visible,
like they never have been before.
The Lord said we should always be ready;
He could be standing at the door?

Many will surely be surprised,
with the world unaware.
It will happen in the twinkle of an eye,
one blink and we are there.

Yes, no one knows the day or hour,
but surly today it could be.
That is why I am staying ready,
for when my Savior comes for me.

Do not be caught with a surprise on your face,
or sinning on your mind,
if, this is the moment He decides to come back,
what will the Savior find?

Live as if He may come today,
and always be ready to go,
for a shout from heaven could sound like a trumpet,
and then everyone will know.

Maybe you think you have a lifetime to wait,
but the signs all show it is near.
For in a moment in the twinkle of an eye,
Jesus could be here.

Gerald Bergeron - Copyright 11-14-12

Crushed beneath His feet

My God, My God, why have You forsaken me,
Words, which were spoken by His Son.
He took the debt for sin to the cross,
so that death would finally be done.

While up in heaven, God held back His wrath,
even knowing His Son would die.
A saddened cry came up from the cross,
clouded by a darkened sky.

Into thy hands I commit my Spirit,
as He slowly lowered His head.
All those in heaven looked to the Father,
knowing that His Son was now dead.

There were moments of silence,
as they all held their breath, awaiting another reply.
What was this plan that would now save the world,
and why did Gods Son have to die.

Then in a moment as time quickly passed,
they just looked back in wonder and pain.
Down at this cross, now soaked with His blood,
they realized that Gods Son had been slain.

In the distance the sun started to shine so bright,
it caused them to cover their eyes.
Then they heard words coming forth from the tomb,
“He is risen” oh what a surprise.

There came Gods Son, in all of His glory,
the very image of His Fathers love.
He would now be united with His father in heaven,
to set down at His right hand above.

Now He reigns as King of Kings,
and the plan that is almost complete.
The enemies of God will fulfill the rest,
as they are crushed beneath His feet.

Then He will turn it back over to His Father,
fulfilling His heavenly call.
As the honor is displayed through Jesus forever,
and His Father becomes all in all.

1 Corinthians 15:28

Gerald Bergeron - Copyright 10-11-12


They all were waiting for the judgment to begin, as the throne was set in place. Thousands and thousands were waiting their turns, to see Him face to face.

Yet these would stand in judgment, for the things, which they had done. They were here for just one reason, for rejecting God’s Holy Son.

As the door to the kingdom opened, the King came and sat down on His throne. The ones, who stood before Him, were shaken and all alone.

No one stood up in their defense and no price would let them get in. They were there for only one purpose, to be judged for all their sin.

One by one, they all came forward and the book of their life was read. Many had done some real great things but to their shame all, their works were dead.

He searched diligently to see if their name was written, page after page through His book. They all hoped to escape this judgment, as He took that one final look.

If someone’s name was blotted out or never written there at all, His judgment rendered that person guilty, for they missed the Saviors call.

Every soul condemned that day, which rejected His gift of grace. Were now thrown alive into the lake of fire, to never again see His face.

Yet just before they were to be sentenced, they had to kneel down at His feet. To call Him the King of Kings and Lord of Lord’s, and then their judgment was complete.

As this final judgment was over, and those souls were all condemned that day, the Judge stood up from His throne of judgment, and wiped His tears away.

The saints all knew that this judgment was over, and eternity would finally begin, they would live forever with Jesus the Lord, and be completely free of sin.

Gerald Bergeron - Copyright 9-13-12


Spirits, elders, and living beings, all stand before the Lord.
As one cries holy, holy, holy, all worship in one accord.

A holy scroll is in the hand of Him, who is seated upon the throne.
Yet only one person is worthy to open it, Jesus, and Him alone.

Seven seals would be opened in heaven, to fulfill this end time plan.
While one by one the wrath of God, will be poured out on sinful man.

As every seal is being removed, the trouble on earth will begin.
Seals, trumpets, and bowls of wrath, poured out for their love of sin.

Yet up in heaven a multitude rejoices, as they worship before the King.
Thousands and thousands all lifting their voices, everyone in heaven starts to sing.

Blessing, and glory wisdom, and thanksgiving, honor, and power and might,
be unto our God forever and ever, oh what a powerful sight.

Then a door in heaven is opened, as Jesus mounts a snow-white steed.
Millions and millions fall in behind Him, with the King of Kings taking the lead.

What a fearful sight for those on the earth, they look up to see His glory appear.
Many cry to the mountains to fall on them, to hide them from the trouble that is here.

The armies of the beast are defeated, being destroyed by Gods two-edged sword.
Yet not one of the saints ever raises a weapon, for the battle belongs to the Lord.

Gerald Bergeron - Copyright 8-22-12


He called me to the battleground with His weapon in my hand.
The Word of God was my wisdom and knowledge, too high for mortal man.

It was a call to active duty, a war with no retreat.
One would defeat a thousand with a victory so complete.

Still the enemy came in hard, with weapons so absurd.
Yet all of God’s children would be unbeaten, with the weapon being His word.

One by one, the enemy fled no match for the Chosen one.
As we spoke the name of Jesus, the enemy came undone.

They slowly lost their foothold and in haste, they hit the street,
never stopping their angry rage that would soon be their defeat.

Then all their accusations came, saying your soldiers do not fight fair.
Yet all their charges were soon diminished, as God’s light shined everywhere.

Then their victor stood up to defend them, that old dragon in disguise.
He had evil written all over his face and a smirk with all his lies.

However, the soldiers of the living God all stayed and held their ground.
When the enemy came in like a flood, retreat could not be found.

Why are you standing there waiting he screamed are you not afraid of me?
Yet the Spirit of God lifted a standard against him, and that old dragon turned to flee.

Then the soldiers who stood there with the Lord, held His weapon above their head.
For no one messes with the Word of God, there is power in all He has said.

Every Christian has this weapon, which will cause the enemy to flee.
God’s Word is sharper than any sword when spoken righteously.

The enemy may seem quite strong at times, but his only weapon is sin.
Yet if you keep your eyes on Jesus, and speak His word, you will always win.

Defeat the enemy with the blood of the Lamb, and the word of your testimony too.
Then that devil will know that he is beaten, when he sees Jesus there with you.

Gerald Bergeron - Copyright 8-22-12


The clouds disappeared and the sky rolled back, what a fearful and awesome sight.
There upon a snow-white steed, was Jesus in a brilliant light.

He had eyes like a flame, and a voice like thunder, and all the armies of heaven at His side.
Here was the Judge who now rendered them guilty, not the Lamb that they crucified.

Out of His mouth came a double-edged sword, as He spoke every word sliced the sky.
He had King of Kings, and Lord of Lord’s, written upon His thigh.

The enemy pointed his defiant finger, with blasphemous words on his breath.
While one by one, his weak little forces were all being put to death.

Every word from the Lord had great power, and thousands began to fall.
As their blood began to fill up the valley, the birds came to devour them all.

Then in the ranks of the enemy camp, a warning came down to retreat.
For all who came against the Son of God, were crushed beneath His feet.

Their evil captain and his second in command were captured as his army fell.
Then they were judged and both thrown alive, into a fiery pit of hell.

The dragon, which caused this rebellion, was chained into a bottomless abyss.
This was that enemy that caused all the evil, that old devil that no one would miss.

Then on this earth for a thousand years, God’s children received blessings unknown.
While thousand’s and thousand’s shouted, holy, holy, holy, as Jesus sat down on His throne.

Gerald Bergeron - Copyright 8-22-12