Poetry by Eva


Broken city,
Scattered people,
All around.
Hear the ram's horn --
Sounding, blowing,
Piercing hell's gate,
Yet no sound.
Gather up
My precious daughter,
Gather up
And come to me.
For it's time
To start your journey,
And once again
I'll part the sea.
"Give up North", cries
The Voice of Thunder,
"Give up North",
And set them free.
That they may
Journey to Jerusalem,
To Jerusalem --
To Worship Me


From the windows of my soul,
I remember Russia.
Fallen dreams of a faraway home,
My children in you are dying.
Does no one hear, see, or understand?
Is there no one to lend a compassionate hand?
Faithfully in your midst I stand;
I will pray for you.

In the cold, dark night they roam,
My sisters and my brothers,
Searching hungrily for all thoughts of home,
Longing to embrace their Father.
Hear their cries so deep in the night.
See their tears falling fast from their eyes.
Who will defend them from all evil and lies?
I will be a voice for you.

Far beyond gray prison walls,
In solitude confining.
Holding on to blessed hope,
Yet another flame is slowly dying.
Hold fast, My beloved, as death draws near;
And do not fear, no, do not fear!
By My Spirit, I'm ever near;
In death, I will stand by you.

Hear the beat of the distant drum,
Across the crystal waters.
Where I await you by Heaven's shore,
My sons and My daughters.
No more never-ending tragedies
Of human suffering or atrocities,
I will bear you on eagle's wings;
And bring you home to Me.


Children of the wilderness,
You've wandered oh so long.
Now the highway of your salvation
Is made ready to take you home.
Where refreshing streams of water
Springs forth from the desert sand
And fruit more abundant
Is growing at the L-rd's command.
Hear me now, ye son's of Israel,
Brother's unite and stand.
Hearken and come out from the nations.
Return, to possess your land.
Oh return to possess your land.


They followed Me through the wilderness,
Through a land that was unsown;
They had a love so rich and deep,
That their spirit within them groaned.
Trying to please the Father
Yet they were so spiritually undone
Always trying to please the Father,
Not realizing they and the Father were one.
For I road the high heavens to their rescue,
I, the G-d of Jeshurun,
Assailed in royal majesty
More brilliant than the sun.
And as a doe longs for refreshing streams
So did their souls for Me;
They thirsted so for the face of G-d,
They thirsted so for Me.
I, the Fountain of Life, did reign,
From the beginning of eternity;
For it was from the very beginning of time,
"I drew Jerusalem to Me."


Before sunrise, the heavens did open.
A ladder came down to Earth's ground,
Where Jacob, sweet Jacob, was sleeping.
G-d's heavenly angels came down.
Then a Voice, the Ancient of Ancients,
Liquid gold, transcending like dew,
Spoke to the one who was sleeping,
"This land have I given to you.

"I, the L-rd G-d of your fathers,
To Abraham and Isaac I decreed
My blessings to pour on your offspring:
Upon you and upon all your seed.

"Though I will scatter you among all the nations,
Yet I will return you to this land once again.
I will do it, and no one can stay Me;
You are grafted in the Palm of My hand.

"Fear not, for I will be with you;
I will never leave you alone.
The wind of My Spirit shall lift you,
Directing and leading you home."


I hear Jerusalem crying;
Their tears shed are as drops of blood.
Brave sons of Jerusalem dying,
While the desert brings forth her new bud.
There are roses blooming in the desert;
And a stillness envelopes all around -
A burst of new hope for my people,
While death claims another brave son
To the ground.
Hush, listen, Oh daughter of Zion,
To the faint sound of distant drum.
Your wilderness journey awaits you;
Come to Jerusalem come!
Be still, Oh daughter of Zion,
Hear My Voice, take hold of My hand.
Soon you'll be crossing that great river,
Home towards the Promised Land.


Israel, could you forget the many years
When time seemed at a stop,
When yellow stars in chambers went
Where fires licked them up?

Could you forget the woeful cries
Within the deepest nights,
Cold prison gates, bones tossed in graves,
Heart wrenching smells in sight?

Could you forget the bloodied path
Of human atrocities, where hope,
Though faint, held a flickering flame,
Where men's hearts yearned to be free?

Could you forget the martyrs,
Whose silent voices cry?
Could you forget, could you forget,
The ones whom for your freedom had died?

Could you forget your journey
To Israel's welcoming shore
As nation after nation
Unto You had closed their doors?

Could you forget the settlers,
Israel's blood, sweat, and tears,
Who built, prayed and died there
Throughout the many years?

Could you forget the joy you shared,
As you watched each blossoming rose
Blooming in dry, desert land
Where cool nightly breezes blow?

Could you forget G-d's promises
To you and to your seed?
Could you forget, could you forget
He holds the master deed?

Could you forget your Patriarchs
Buried throughout your land,
Planted as a constant reminder
That G-d's promises forever will stand?

Could you forget the mother's of Israel,
Who on their knees have fought
For the love of their precious children,
As the enemies of Israel still plot?

Could you forget, Oh Israel,
The very blood within you veins?
Your Jewishness, Jerusalem,
G-d's dew, the summer rain?

Could you forget, G-d's promise
That you will be restored?
Could you forget, could you forget?
He awaits you by Jerusalem's door!


Israel, you were entrusted with the imperishable
"Light of the Law",
The "Oracles of G-d", the Torah.
Although on wilderness journeys you've traveled,
Exiled by G-d, unto the nations hurled;
With you, my kinsmen, went the "Light of Glory",
G-d's message sent by you unto a dying world.
This was the expectation of your people,
To go forth in G-d's glory and might,
You were entrusted to establish G-d's blessed kingdom
By immersing the world with G-d's Eternal Light".


From a distance, I watch as my mother continues
To mourn the loss of her children.
Though pained at heart and broken in spirit,
She stands the epitome of a virtuous woman,
Whose vestures were designed and fashioned
In strength, honor, and holiness unto the L-rd.
How I've longed to comfort her,
To speak peace to her, yet I am so very far away,
Held fast to another time, another place.
Again, I hear her groanings and muffled cries:
"How long, O' Lord,
Before You restore my children unto me?"
"Soon", reassures my Father, Whose voice
A burning flame, rekindles her spirit anew.
"Soon, Jerusalem, soon!"


Voices rising up in unison;
Spiritual voices filling the air,
Rising up toward the throneroom of heaven.
Hear, O' Israel,
Hear the watchmen's prayer!
The G-d of Israel has set His watchmen,
Has set them upon thine ancient walls.
Refusing to sleep or to keep silent,
Faithful watchmen heeding their call.
Watching, listening for sounds of horsemen
Come against the Mount of G-d.
Fearless watchmen prepared for battle;
O'er Israel's enemies they will spiritually trod.
"Hear the ram's horn blowing, calling?
Arise from your sleep and take your stand!
For I have called you to be My watchmen

To pray for the peace of Jerusalem.


I stood upon your rampart walls,
Etched with scars of time,
And joined those ancient voices
Who'd left their trace behind.

For the love of G-d, no breach was made;
Each link in chain stood fast.
Each watchful eye, in spirit's quest,
Stood guard until the last.

There, no distance can be measured;
Satanic foes are stemmed,
As echoes of voices through all generations
Pray peace o'er Jerusalem.


What mighty men in spirit
Have walked your rampart walls;
What mighty intercessors
Arising to the watchman's call!

What seeds of faith were planted
By faithful men of G-d;
What battles there were fought and won,
Where fearless men have trod!


I journeyed into a peaceful valley
With laughter, singing, and such delight.
It seemed I'd been traveling
All the day long,
Yet still no darkness, only light.
I see children playing.
I hear music playing.
There, lamb and lion grazed side by side.
Yet no fear nor anguished faces,
There no traces did I spy.
Where was I?  Streets of gold.
I've seen the young, now where's the old?
All healthy bodies, no one crying.
Singing, shouting, all the day long;
Is it real?  Or will I wake up?
For now, my heart sings right along.


Somewhere between the moon and stars
The silvery sea of glass is laid.
There ships of every size and shape
Sail by in "The Big Sky Parade".
Dazzling lights, capturing the night,
Enveloping a young child's dream.
A fragile canopy, covering the earth,
Projected by giant moonbeams.
Sleep on My child, till the morning light
When the ships are no more.
For they lie, well hidden, within
The Sun...
Behind the daytime door.


When faith flew through my window,
On silvered wings of prayer.
She gently whispered to me,
Sweet peace beyond compare.
"Stay close by Me", she whispered.
"Allow Me to embrace your heart,
With joys unspeakable and full of glory,
Banishing away all doubt.
Together, we'll soar the highest mountains,
Lay low the valley's floor,
Transcend the winds of worship and praise,
As we enter through Heaven's door.

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