Poetry by Elizabeth Lyulkin

Reclaiming the Dark

Stepping out of the shadows
And into the light
Is a scary thing to do.

Like a seed
That braves the darkness
Of the cold pungent earth,
Just as it breaks
Through its discarded,
Slowly decaying self,
I must brave the night of rebirth.

Like a caterpillar
That enters the confines
Of its alabaster cocoon,
Just as it is no longer connected
To its beloved places and things,
I forsake my old self in order to grow.

Like a rosebush
That has its branches clipped
In order to bloom again,
Just as it stands naked and alone
Patiently awaiting the new spring,
I await the Second Coming of My Lord.

Stepping out of the darkness
And into the light
Is the only loving thing to do.

(c) Elizabeth Lyulkin


I see Your face
In all the things that are meant to be -
The gentle coming of the night,
The velvet texture of the setting sun,
The nighttime sky afire with light.

I feel Your love
In all the things that just are -
A sudden gust of wind,
A splatter of sunshine on my face,
My mother's smile.

I need Your grace
For all the things that are yet to be -
The picture of my parents,
in their sixties,
Holding hands,
The union of hearts that's You and me.

(c) Elizabeth Lyulkin