Poetry by Dori

The Storms

The clouds are blue with shades of gray
the sun still tries to shine
the thunder roars with mighty force
the brightness fades away
lightening strikes out of the dark
like angry, wrathful screams
the wind begins to howl and yell
destruction leaves it's mark
like darkness, fury, wrath and clouds
our daily life seems bound
of times when solace seems out of reach
peace can not be found
but if we look beyond the rain
the clouds, the wind and storms
and see who commands these things
our life will then transform
for God is in control of all
he sends us storms sometimes
so we may see we need him
and upon him we will call
then will the rain cleanse the pain
the wind will cease it's force
the thunder quiets it's deafening roar
our God Almighty Reigns

© Dori


To those who do not worship me
The ones too blind to see
Do you not know your sins I bore
As I hung upon that Tree?
Do you not think I understand
The suffereing that you bear
Just look at the palms of my hands
They're scarred because I care
Can you not see my love for you
With thorns upon my brow
The blood I shed for you my child
So you would love me now
I took the sword into my side
It's what I had to do
And then I bowed my head and died
With thoughts and cries for you.

© Dori