Poems by Dee Sadler

I am a born again believer in The Lord Jesus Christ, Yeshua The Messiah. I began my walk on November 2, 1980 when The Lord began to fill my mouth with His Words, He turned me to Israel and the Jewish People and made everything Jewish very important to me. His Poetry has taught me the Scriptures and still does as I continue to walk with Him. I wrote verse in my early years and in my teens. The Lord called me to wake up with a poem in 1960 called "The Shepherd's Call" and was the only thing that I wrote until 1980.. When I found that I could not go on without The Lord, He provided a Believer to ask the important question, Do you believe in The Lord Jesus Christ, and I said yes. It was at this point in my life that the poetry began to flow.

The Coming Storm

He comes in the dance, in a whirlwind of fury
He kicks with His Feet creating the storm
Calling the west wind to do His bidding
As He circles, He flashes and the hurricane's born.

He thunders His Voice and it resonates terror
While the sea rages with waves very high.
Stomping His Feet, He lowers the pressure
Intensifying as His Coming draws neigh.

Awake from your sleep, awake from your slumber !
At the sound of the shofar, He will gather His own.
Rise up from your graves a mighty army
For the set time is coming when He takes His Throne.

Come light your lamp with the Oil of The Spirit
Make sure you have your wedding clothes on
For in a flash resurrection is changing
And in a twinkling, in a moment were gone.

D. Sadler


The beauty of the Havdalah, a torch a lamp of light.
An overflowing cup of joy, perfumed in spice delight.
For like the wicks of Havdalah, we are braided into one.
One together in Messiah, Yeshua David's Son.

Individual spices different yet the same
As we come together in His Holy Name.
What a perfect ending filled up with love and joy
The torch of Havdalah is shinning
That nothing can destroy

What a perfect ending as we stand here in His sight
No longer separate, but perfected in Messiah's light.

D. Sadler

The Earthquake of Elul

Can you hear the sound of silence?
Can you feel His Judgment's heat
Or make out the deepening rumble
As The Lord begins to speak?

Like a storm that begins to cover
The brightness of the day
The Lord's storm clouds are warning
That you can't pray away.

So Elul is ending and His Voice is still
Just before He pours out fury
To do His Father's will,
Just before a mighty earthquake
Sounds out its mighty voice
The Lord is softly speaking
It's time to make a choice.

D. Sadler
The Messianic Poetry Lady
Copyright 1993

All through the 90's we have been getting storm warnings but many are sound asleep. In 1994 I found a message in the bombardment of Jupiter that began on the ninth of Av. It was a warning of the coming judgment of The Lord of Hosts. In 1996 on the ninth of October I saw an Altar in the sky with red streaks going through it's base, and again a message that the Lord's Judgment was kindled. Can you hear the sound of silence? Elul is a month just before the Fall Feasts, it is a time of repentance. All through this month the Trumpet is blown each day until the last day when the Trump is silent. Have we reached the end of Elul?


The Gates of the Temple are displaced
The Stones of the Temple lie on the ground
The Land that was given must be reclaimed
Before the Temple once more will be found.
First a Tabernacle housed in a tent
Then a mighty stone Temple built to The Lord
Thrown down upon the land, built up again, again restored.

Long since the remnant scattered about
Now they return God's Praises they shout !
As they lift up their voices one pledge they all share
to hold on to Jerusalem The Holy City is theirs.
Once again they can walk to the Wall
And with tears of thanksgivings recount and recall
All the years they were kept from the Beautiful Land
Now deep is their desire a New Temple must stand.

But The Temple taken out of the earth
Replaced by another and given new birth.
A Living Temple indwelling His Sheep
A Holy Temple that never sleeps.
O Watchman, Watchman tell us when
An earthly Temple will be built again
For when they begin with reverence and fear
The Spiritual Temple will disappear...

D. Sadler

The Promise

In the sunrise see His Beauty
In the sunset is His Promise
Of another tomorrow
That He spreads for all to see.
In the Spring life is re-newing
In the Summer life is growing
In the Fall come reap His Harvest
Still His Promise we can see.

And in Winter when He's quiet
When His Voice seems far from hearing
He is standing there before you
Hands out stretched O can't you see ?

Behold His Truth is ever shining.
Behold His Love is ever flowing.
As He lifts His Arms to Heaven
Still His Hands He gives to me.

D. Sadler


There's a dagesh in the Sheen
And this letter can be seen
When you look down on Yerushalayim.
For The Lord has placed His Name
On the mountains and the plains
And The Temple Mount, this Holy Place is HIS.

Mount Moriah and Mount Zion
And the lovely Mount of Olives
Show The Dwelling Place where
The King will live.
For the time is moving fast
To the time when judgment's past
And the thousand years of peace
Messiah gives.

Now the Sheen is formed by valleys
That are dug and free of stones
Once again you can see its mighty form
That the Tyropoean and the Hinnom
And the valley of the Kidron
Cutting deep between these valleys
Are reborn.

For The Hand of The Messiah
Placed His Name on Mount Moriah
So no man can ever claim this place is his
And the argument that's brewing
Shows what unbelief is doing
And only goes to reenforce MESSIAH LIVES !
Shalom Shalom...

D. Sadler
The Messianic Poetry Lady
Copyright 1993

The Shepherd's Call

Awake! A Shepherd's Calling
Can you hear the sound of His Horn ?
It's like a frail sound in the gloaming
Like the long night awakening to morn.

Awake! A Shepherd's Calling
His Horn sounds long unending
He Calls to all to hear Him
To all who love and fear Him
He Calls a faithful flock
His Righteousness A Rock.

Awake! A Shepherd's Calling
His Horn sounds soft and steady
I can hear Him gently asking
Are you ready ?

Awake! A Shepherd's Calling
Rise up and greet the morning
With life and light adorning thee
Awake! to the sound of His Horn.


A Shadow of Thorns

A shadow of thorns stealing the morning
A cursed crown come to cover the light.
Shaking the earth as it blots out The Day Star
Bringing The Son down into night.

But His accuser failed in his venture
For no spot or blemish in Him was found
Even though thorns made a cover, a head-dress
Hell could not keep or hold Him down.

Then in that instant in the womb of the morning
When the night shadow releases its hold
There in the Light of His Shining Glory
Resurrection brought forth, A Crown Of Gold.

The King of Kings in Radiant Splendor
The Lord of Lords who created all things.
Rose up to give hope to the dying
With the redemption that His Sacrifice brings.

Brambles and thickets still cover the landscape
As the earth shakes as if full of tears
Awaiting The Day when at last restoration
Releasing and cleansing as Living Water appears.

D. Sadler

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