Poetry by Christine Alfaro Paca

We lost our son after battling Leukemia for 3 years. Ryan knew and loved the Lord. When they took him off the vent and we went in, we saw a smile on his face. We believe he saw the Lord. That is how and why I wrote this poem.

If you could see what I do

If you could see what I do Oh the beauty of this place,
you would know why I left you with that smile on my face.
I saw the face of Jesus, the one who died for me,
Now I'm at home in heaven, for all eternity.
An eternity walking streets paved with purest gold,
An eternity living life and never growing old.
He reached out his hands and said, "You're home now my son."
"Your life on earth has ended, but here it's just begun."
Oh grave where is thy victory and death where is thy sting?
I'm at home with Jesus Christ, my Savior and my King!
What a wonderful thought of never seeing night,
Because here in heaven, Jesus is the light.
There's no sickness or no pain, no reason for me to cry,
Son don't spend your life grieving continually asking, why?
The pieces to this puzzle will fall in place someday,
and you will understand why it had to be this way.
His ways are not our ways; He had a purpose to fulfill,
Perhaps He just wanted you to submit to His will.
Maybe through this a sinner will come with bended knee,
And be loosed from the chains of death, forever to be set free.
Possibly they will see that life is but a vapor, it disappears so fast,
And that they will make preparation for today, for this could be their last.
Remember His ways are perfect, He can't be mistaken,
This trail will soon pass, don't let your faith be shaken.
I know your heart is sad, and that you'll miss me while I'm away,
But soon we'll all be together again on that great reunion day!

© Christine Alfaro Paca