Poetry by Belinda van Rensburg

Belinda's Bio:
My husband and I are South Africans who are currently working for the Lord in Asuncion, Paraguay. I am the librarian at a Christian college, and I love doing what I'm doing.

God is number one in my life, and it is my heartfelt desire that He will use me to bring other people into a right relationship with Himself.

Although I have had no graduate level education in the literary arts, I have enjoyed reading poetry as long as I can remember. My father often gave me poetry books as Christmas or birthday gifts, and I would read them and memorize the poems for hours on end.

I wrote my first poem when I was in the 3rd grade, but it wasn't until after my conversion just over twenty years ago that I started to write Christ-centered poetry for children and adults on various topics.

My first language is Afrikaans, and my second is English (although I am fluent in both). I sometimes translate my poems from one language to another - quite a challenge and something I enjoy doing. I also speak very basic Spanish and German.

I haven't been officially published, unless you count two of my poems which have been published by magazines, and those which have been published in church newsletters (both online and in print). Some of my poems have placed first and second in a well-known online poetry website's monthly poetry competition.

I see the arts as tools to reach people for Christ, and to teach people more about Him. God bless, Belinda.

This poem is written by Belinda Van Rensburg
and has a focus on the Christian Rapture, the
Harpazo or snatching away of all believers that
occurs before the Great Tribulation.

Breaking News

Read all about it! Breaking news!
The whole world is in chaos and confused!
Read all about it! Hot off the press!
It is the truth; no more nor less!

Scientists wonder and governments probe
Why some went missing all around the globe;
Last night folk went on their merry way
But consternation reigns supreme today.

Many children are no longer in their cots;
What could have happened to those tiny tots?
Older folk and young ones too
Left without so much as an adieu.

Many members of the human race
Simply vanished without the slightest trace;
What could have happened; where could they be?
Did they evaporate, hide or flee?

Read all about it! Breaking news!
Here is an update on yesterday's views!
Read all about it! Hot off the press!
Find out the reason for our great distress!

That which few believed could ever be
Has now happened for all the world to see;
The Son of Man descended on the clouds
And was met in the air by crowds.

Graves gave up their dead in Him -
All those souls redeemed from sin;
Billions watched in stunned dismay
As their friends were snatched away.

How could this happen; how can it be?
We were just too obstinate to see
That Jesus Christ is the only Way -
Now we have missed Him by a day!

Belinda Van Rensburg - © 2008

Something's A-Coming

Do you know something's a-coming;
Are you aware it's almost here?
Can you hear the distant drumming
Moving closer year by year?

The great end-times tribulation
Has been foretold in ancient times;
It will affect each Christian; nation
And we'll witness awful crimes.

No-one knows the hour or day
Though signs make it quite clear;
There is no doubt it's on the way -
In fact, it seems it's near.

© 2008 by Belinda van Rensburg

(This is the true account of
a vision I had of heaven.)

A Vision of Heaven

It happened many years ago,
Yet what I saw I'll not forget.
I was feeling sad and low
Because of something someone said.

Then I prayed "Lord, hear my cry,
I am so lonely and depressed.
Won't You touch me as I lie,
Broken, hurting, on my bed?"

Slowly then the veil was lifted
Between the present and the next.
'Twas as if dimensions shifted,
As with a vision I was blessed.

What God showed me was astounding,
And it took my breath away -
For before my very eyes
A deep cloud-covered schism lay.

Beyond this schism rose a mountain,
Much too awesome to describe.
Mortal tongues can't do it justice;
That Mount beyond the Great Divide.

It seemed composed of a strange substance,
Akin to light and golden glass.
There was nothing growing on it;
No trees, no flowers, nor green grass.

As I gazed in awe and wonder,
I heard a gentle inner Voice,
"Look as long as you have need to",
And I marveled at this choice.

Peace then flooded my whole being
As I lay there touched by God,
And with peace came inner healing,
Strength and faith which waiver not.

Thank you, God, for giving me,
A tiny glimpse of what's to come.
I can hardly wait to see
The rest of heaven and Your Son.

© 2008 by Belinda van Rensburg

Shepherds in Wolves' Clothing

Why is it that there are those who will use
God's Word which they distort and abuse?
Charlatans with their gold chains and rings -
Selling bottled water and other 'blessed' things.

You prepare your traps with your unholy bait,
For unwary souls you lie in wait.
To relieve them from their hard-earned cash
To add to the rest of your ill-gotten stash.

You promise them healing and perfect health
And tenfold returns and untold wealth.
You prey on the weak and the souls in pain
And you do all this for power and gain.

Beware you false shepherds; you mislead the flock
But God is not One Whom you can mock.
Do not think for a moment that you can win;
For you'll be called to account for your terrible sin.

You will be removed; exposed and defrocked,
For you have cheated and lied and mocked.
Before you know it you will be gone,
And the flock will be led by God's own Son.

© 2008 by Belinda van Rensburg

(This is the true account of another
vision I had some years back.)

In the Belly of the Beast

In nineteen ninety-three or two
I had a vision which I'd like to share with you -
It was so clear; as bright as day
Etched deep into my mind to stay.

I found myself in a cathedral
Old and certainly ancestral,
Very clean; in good repair
But without trappings anywhere.

All by myself in a large room
Surrounded by gray walls and gloom;
Ancient, eerie, cold and dark
Uninhabited and stark.

Facing a wall four stories high -
A tower reaching to the sky;
Set in relief a figure tall
For ages in the granite wall.

His face was twisted with pure hatred;
Motionless and still he waited
With eyes glowing red as coals
To feed 'pon lost and wayward souls.

I followed this doomed creature's stare
And noticed people floating there
High against the ancient ceiling;
Struggling; writhing; crying; squealing.

Their struggles were of no avail
As terrified they thrashed and flailed;
Still helplessly they kept on drifting
Whilst the creature's eyes kept shifting.

The beast was ready; more than eager
Though at first the meal was meager;
His lips were parted; they slipped through
Receiving that which was their due.

The solid rock became transparent
And it was quite clear; apparent
That the ones who had been swallowed
Inside the creature's belly wallowed.

Faster, ever faster still
More souls came floating down until
The beast started to come alive
Since it was on their sins he thrived.

Fear-filled eyes stared back at me
And it was very sad to see
Souls which had been trapped this way -
But there they were and had to stay.

The beast came loose eventually -
Out of the wall he was set free;
Free to maim, kill and destroy
Something in which he found much joy.

For many years I prayed and wondered -
About this strange vision I pondered;
What exactly did it mean?
Can from it some truth I glean?

It seems to me and others too
The key phrases may well be two;
Ancient 'Church' in good repair
Feeding the beast which hides in there.

© 2008 by Belinda van Rensburg

An Audience with The King

Dressed in torn and filthy rags I wait outside a door,
Unmoving and in silence I stare down at the floor;
Then it is my turn to have an audience with the King
And I step into the Hall made glorious by Him.

Immediately I'm overcome with holy fear and awe
As I behold such beauty; perfection without flaw;
Reflected in a crystal sea are seven lamps ablaze -
These are the seven spirits of the Ancient of Days.

In the center of the room God sits upon His throne
And I notice that the Great I Am is not alone;
At His Right Hand sits the Lamb of God Who's overcome -
Judah's Lion triumphant; God's beloved Son!

Encircling the throne is an emerald-colored bow
And four-and-twenty elders are bowed down very low;
Lightning flashes; thunder peals whilst creatures with six wings
Never stop to worship God as day and night they sing.

I reach the throne and cannot help but fall down on my face
Joining angels as they worship in His Holy place,
Then His voice commands me to stand upon my feet;
The moment is upon me and my Maker I must meet.

''I cannot look upon your sins; they're far too black and foul;
There is no place in heaven for such a fallen soul.
What have you to say in your own defense?
Give account of all your deeds and every dark offense.''

The evil one enters the room; his eyes are full of hate;
He points a finger at my heart and says my sins are great -
Naming each and every one he tells the Father what I've done;
Accusing me and claiming that I now to him belong.

The Lamb that has been slain stands up and speaks for me
''Behold My Blood that I have shed upon the cross for thee''
He removes my dirty rags and hands me a clean gown;
Upon my head he places a shiny golden crown.

''There is none who dare condemn you since you are in Me;
I have set my seal upon you as a guarantee.
Heaven's kept no record of the wrong you've done;
Your slate is clean and empty; all your sins are gone.''

In my hand I clutch my new name writ upon a stone
And with grateful heart I praise the One upon the throne:
''Worthy is God's perfect Lamb who has been sacrificed;
Nothing in creation but Himself would have sufficed''.

© 2008 by Belinda van Rensburg


From the ashes of time I can hear hollow laughter,
Calling me, calling me, to the hereafter.
Forgotten voices and vile lying tongues,
Who penned morals tainted by God's fallen sons.

Empty it rings in the stillness of night,
Whilst soft blackened velvet helps shadow the Light.
Curling, unfurling, gray fingers of vice,
Destroying my life with their evil advice.

Temptation in wrappers with bright shiny strings,
And wooed by the words of the songs Satan sings.
Believing lies tasting like sweet candy floss;
No time for regrets and eternally lost.

© 2008 by Belinda van Rensburg

The Shepherd King

As nighttime cloaked my velvet dream
I heard Him call your name
He said “I Am the Shepherd King;
It was for you I came.

It was for you that I was born;
It was for you I cried;
It was for you my flesh was torn;
It was for you I died.

I thought of you and gave my breath,
Yes, I want you to know
It was for you I conquered death;
It was for you I rose.”

Ensconced within my dream-cocoon
I heard Christ call your name;
I pray that you will choose Him soon;
It was for you He came.

© 2008 by Belinda van Rensburg