Poems by Marshall Beeber

My name is Marshall Beeber. By faith I am a Messianic Jew (Hebrew Christian). I am in my late forties, married and the father of a lovely little girl. By trade, I am a biotechnology consultant and by hobby, I am a Messianic poet. We live in a small town just northwest of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I started writing poetry in my teens (mostly satirical), but did not write God centered poetry until my early thirties. I have categorized my poetry as being; prophetic, praise, exhortative and experiential Messianic poems. See if you can determine which category each poem is in.

Shalom Shalom

Once far, now near.
Wise men scoff, while simple revere.

Rich men laugh as missiles take aim,
But the poor of the earth know the price of this game.

Once old, now new.
A word from God through the lips of a Jew.

The prophets of old see armies draw near,
In perilous times when Messiah appears.

Once hate, now love.
From sword to plowshare.
From serpent to dove.

One God, One King.
Shalom, Shalom,
Peace will the Lamb bring.

Marshall Beeber
 © 2-2-82

The Shofar's Blast

An eerie sound from upon high.

Unfamiliar to most,

is the shofar's cry.

The archangel Gabriel resounds with a blast,

and the end of this age has come at last.

Will the shofar be calling for me,

or will I be left to face the decree?

When elect are gathered to "The Great Jubilee",

will I be a part of this grand company?

Oh Yeshua, please forgive me!

May my raiment be white

and as spotless as thee.

        Marshall Beeber

        (c) 2-12-98

Will It Matter?

When Messiah sits upon his throne,

to judge the nations true.

And every people, race and tongue,

profess their faith anew.

When Israel shall be blessed,

extolled by every heart.

Their curse erased by boundless grace,

that never will depart.

Will it matter if the faithful,

are known as something new?

Would it mean that much to anyone,

if a Christian were a Jew.

        Marshall Beeber

         (c) 7-27-98

Through A Dimly Lit Corridor

Through a dimly lit corridor,

I peer through space and time.

Not too far from here and now,

As time and space can be defined.

I see the earth at peace,

And all the works of evil ceased.

Swords are beaten back to plowshares,

God's holy government increased.

Jerusalem redeemed eternal,

Both Jew and Gentile reconciled.

Young and old alike rejoice,

Free at last from sin's defile.

Messiah Jesus on His throne,

To judge the nations just and true.

Is this your hope as it is mine?

If it is not, God welcomes you!

        Marshall Beeber

        (c) 5-1-97

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