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Featured Poetry by Mark Weinrich


Fear not, faint not,
This storm will soon be past.
Be faithful, keep rowing,
There’s purpose in each task.

Pray together, pull together,
His promises are true.
His Spirit in weakness
Gives strength to be renewed.

We will meet Him in this storm
In the twinkling of an eye.
He will walk upon the waves
Or His Glory fill the sky.


Master of the storms
The waves are crashing down
I hear their roar, O help me, Lord.
My heart is faint, my faith is weak.

Master in this storm
My boat is breaking up;
I hear Your words, Your words of peace;
I hear the hush, the calm of peace.

Master through the storms
I know You’ll bring us home;
For where You lead, You rule in peace.
How could I doubt the waves will cease?
Master of the storms.

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