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This site contains original poetry from a collection of Christian poets, focused on inspirational poems leading to a deeper faith in Christ. Most of the poetry featured on this site is based on scripture with a focus on Christ, the Church, the Endtimes or about other Christians. Click on the list of poets on the left or images on the right to view their work.

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Featured Poetry:

The Scrolls Rolled Out from Heaven: Like Lightning Striking from the East

By Erik Nelson


Make straight a way for the Lord,
God’s news or double-edged sword,
From underground and from the sky,
Whose shoes I’m not fit to untie.
From Heaven down to Earth He came,
Assumed even a human name.
From out of dry ground came a root;
He grew up like a tender shoot.
The yoke He bore of all our shame,
Though found in Him was no deceit.
From ground as dry as dust He came,
So righteousness and peace could meet.
Foxes have holes, and birds have nests,
But Christ had nowhere He could rest,
Longsuffering the curse of Cain,
Though without blemish, blot or stain.
Just as John of Patmos said,
Babylon will soon be dead,
But not a jot shall pass away
Of what Christ taught and had to say.
The mountain of Carmel will fall
And the blossoms of Lebanon fade,
But God’s Word will still stand up tall,
Like a tree giving travelers shade.
Amidst the brightly burning wicks
Of seven golden candlesticks,
I saw the First and the Last stand,
Holding seven stars in hand;
I fell at His feet as though dead,
Told to repeat what He said.
My sisters and my brethren,
I saw New Earth and Heaven
And say “Godspeed” to who swallows
What you now read and what follows.

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Erik Nelson