How to Format Images and Web Pages with CSS

These CSS tips are written mainly for CSS beginners with step-by-step examples. Some of them are also set up for Responsive design so they will display correctly on all devices.

A Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) is a great way to clean up your code and reduce a lot of code bloat because you don't have to repeat font sizes and colors on every little bit of text.

When you repeat images several times, like in a list format using buttons, you can load those as a background image and thus eliminate having to include width and height or alt tag on every image.

Google recently started using download speed as a ranking factor so it's now even more important than ever to move all formatting to the CSS file.

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This site provides several articles written for beginners on how to write CSS and also CSS3: CSS3 - Guide, Examples and Resources

Here is a great CSS memory game.

Here is a neat video tutorial on How to Format your CSS file

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