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Animated Turkey, Banners, Goat, Boy Walking and more

Following are some of the animations I have worked on. This page may take a while to load because of several animated images and some of them may run slower on slow computers. Click on the browser's refresh button to see them repeat.

Animated Turkey

Kayla's animated turkey
A Turkey drawn by Kayla, age 10, a Young Poets submitter. Animation of turkey by Lori's Webs.

Animated Boy Walking

animated boy walking This is a shortened version of an animated boy walking designed for E-Prep Inc. The complete version has the boy walking several steps and then pulling his hat out of his hip pocket and putting on his hat.

Animated Goat

animated goat and bubbles popping
This animation of the goat and animated bubbles was designed to have the tail wagging after the bubbles pop (goat drawn by Michelle age 11, animated by Lori
Also see a Tutorial on how to design an animated goat

Animated Bethlehem Star

animation of the Bethlehem Star
Animation of the Bethlehem Star "At It's Rising" and how it would have looked to the Wise Men as they left Herod's palace just before dark and headed towards Bethlehem on the night they went to see the new King of Israel (Jesus's family was living in a house by then so this didn't occur at his birth).
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Animated Banners

Hammersmith Hill Thoroughbreds banner
The scenes in this animated banner depict the life of a horse from foal to maturity.
The images in this animation are in various speeds so the last image stays longer
than the others.

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