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Fireworks Animation Tutorial

How to make an Animated Goat with Bursting Bubbles

Purity Works animated goat Note: This animation was designed in Fireworks but should work in any animation program. It was designed for Purity Works, a goat milk site which is no longer online. The goat was drawn by the owner's daughter Michelle age 11 and animated by Lori's Web Design. The goat is sniffing a bowl of soap as it's cooking and when the bubbles burst it wags it's tail. The animation of the goat's tail was at a different speed than the rising bubbles because the bubbles float gently to the top but the tail wags faster. Below are the separate images that make up this animation and the speed for each one so you can see the changes needed to make the bubbles appear like they are rising and bursting. See more Animations.

Animation of The Bubbles

animated bubbles 1
animated bubbles 2
animated bubbles 3
animated  bubbles 4

The goat's tail is not moving yet, the bubbles start out small and start rising.

animated bubbles 5
animated bubbles 6
animated bubbles 7
animated  bubbles 8

As the bubbles rise they gradually get larger. The Goat's tail is still not wagging.

animated goat  9
animated goat  10
animated goat  11
animated goat  12

As the bubbles reach the top they pop and dissappear. Notice the image of the bursting of the bubbles. The animation moves so fast that you don't actually see that image--it tricks the eye into thinking that the bubbles popped.

Animation of the Goat's Tail

animated goat  13
animated goat  14
animated goat  15
animated goat s 16

As soon as the bubbles pop the tail wags for several frames. Notice the tail is actually moving up and down giving the appearance of wagging.

animated goat bubbles 17
animated goat bubbles 18
animated goat bubbles 19
animated goat bubbles 20

This animation was set to run for 20 frames, with frames 1-11 of the bubbles rising slowly set at 15 miliseconds and the rest of the frames, with the tail wagging faster, at 6 miliseconds each. On slower computers this animation will be slower.

The Finished Animation

Purity Works animated goat

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