Not Free, But Detailed SEO Analysis Reports

One of the best things you can do to improve keyword ranking and to increase organic search traffic for your website, is to have someone do an SEO Analysis Report and the more detailed the better. It's even better if a real human being checks your code for technical issues, instead of a tool that may not catch everything.

When do you need an SEO Analysis?

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  • You want higher ranking in Google.
  • Your website lost a lot of traffic suddenly.
  • Your keyword ranking dropped drastically.
  • You got a penalty from Google
  • You want to improve user experience (UX).

You Will Get my Personal Attention

The website analyses offered on this site are written so website owners who know nothing about designing websites can understand them. Answers to questions are also available after they receive the report. These reports are composed by a real person backed by 19 years of experience fixing websites that need to be redesigned with the ability to read HTML code.

See the bio at the bottom of the home page for more information on Lori's qualifications to audit your website. She loves doing research and digging into the code more than anything else she does, so you get her personal attention when your website is checked manually.

Analysis Samples

The analysis sample shown here, involving file names being changed with no 301redirect from the old file name to the new one, is one of the biggest problems that occur when a site has been redesigned and the website ranking drops drastically. This is often because the web designer didn't know how to use an htaccess file. It's a very technical process so only those with some experience should use it, or it can tank the whole website.

Better than a FREE SEO Tool

Most sites that offer "free SEO Analysis Reports" never even look at your website because their SEO tools are 100% automated and they use website analysis tools that pump out the results for them. This service involves the use of a few tools to look for ranking, indexing and linking problems but figuring out the worst issues is not done by a machine. It usually takes 3-4 hours or more to audit a site, figure out what could be causing a drop in website ranking, and type up the results.

The reports offered on this site provide tips in easy to understand language on what are the most important issues affecting your site. It also provides information on what you need to do to increase ranking in organic search results, or overcome Google penalties. See below for a list of factors that are covered in this report and also testimonies from previous customers.

200 SEO Reports Completed as of 2019

SEO Analysis

This report checks for multiple ranking issues.

Notice: I only evaluate websites located in the USA and written in English and will not evaluate sites considered bad neighborhoods by search engines.
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Order an In-Depth SEO Analysis of your Website:

This Audit is delivered by email and prints out in 6-12 pages (depending on the problems that are found on your website). It is written in easy to understand language so even site owners who do not design websites can understand the problems preventing ranking. Follow-up questions are available, as well as possible arrangements to fix the problems on your website.

If you think your website has a Google Penalty

If you have experienced a sudden drop in Google ranking and never recuperated I will need to know the date this happened and what changes you made to your website previous to, or after, the drop in rank before I run the report. This information isn't available online, so please or call Lori: 509-397-6000 after you place your order with that information.

Some of the Ranking Factors This In-Depth Report Covers:

This audit examines the text, layout, graphics, code, navigation, loading speed, meta description tags, broken links, social media participation and a myriad of other factors that can affect keyword ranking in organic searches. The list below is just a few of the items that are covered. It will also provide a summary to let you know what are the most pressing items that need fixing right away and then other less important factors that can wait awhile.

The items below marked with an asterisk * are rarely found in "Free" SEO Audits

SEO Issues That Cause Poor Ranking

Technical Issues Preventing Indexing

Note: Not all of the above are included in every audit, if it’s not a problem.

Other SEO Analysis Services Available

Once the Website SEO Analysis Report is finished a per page analysis service is available that can help you get better ranking by optimizing the keywords on each page. Competitor analysis is also available because even though your website is fully optimized, your ranking depends on what your competitors are doing. For other SEO services available see the Rates Page

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