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Detailed Manual SEO Audit Reports

One of the best things you can do to improve keyword ranking for your website is to have someone do a Manual SEO Audit and the more detailed the better. With a detailed analysis you will receive several tips on what you can do to improve your website ranking.

With a Manual Audit You Will Get my Personal Attention

The SEO analyses offered on this site are composed by a real person backed by 18 years of experience fixing broken websites and the ability to read HTML code. I love doing research more than anything else I do, so you get my personal attention when your website is analyzed manually.

The SEO audit sample on the right involving file names being changed is one of the biggest problems I see when a site has been redesigned and the ranking drops drastically.

Some SEO audit sites that offer "free SEO analysis" services never even look at your website because they are 100% automated and use audit tools that pump out the results for them. I use a few SEO tools to look for ranking, indexing and linking problems but the analysis is all mine. It usually takes me 3-4 hours to audit a site and type up the report so you're really getting your money's worth.

The Manual SEO Audits offered on this site provide tips in easy to understand language on what are the most important issues affecting your site and what you need to fix in order to increase ranking in organic search results or overcome Google penalties, if needed.

When do you need a SEO Audit?

  • You want higher keyword ranking in Google.
  • Your website lost a lot of traffic suddenly.
  • Your Google ranking has dropped. *
  • You have received a Manual Penalty from Google
  • You want to improve user experience (UX).

* If your website experienced a sudden drop in traffic the date of the drop will be compared with the Google Panda or Penguin Updates, or other algorithms.

200 Audits Completed as of 2018

Some of the Ranking Factors This Audit Covers:

SEO Audit Testimonies:

analysis of T Watch
SEO report of R Wanner
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BatsBirdsYard seo audit
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This Manual SEO Audit examines the text, layout, graphics, code, navigation, loading speed, meta description tags, broken links, social media participation and a myriad of other factors that can affect keyword ranking in organic searches. Basically I run through the list below and let you know what is the most pressing items that need fixing first and then other less important ranking issues.

  • Evaluates search engine indexing
  • Looks for possible Google penalties
  • Evaluates content and how to improve keyword ranking
  • Suggestions to SEO titles and meta description tags
  • Checks URLs for indexing issues, i.e., underscores, capitals, spaces, etc.
  • Looks for issues hampering user experience
  • Manually checks for code bloat that slows download speed
  • Looks for adequate internal linking
  • Checks your site for problems with external links
  • Explains problems with exact match domain names
  • Looks for broken links and other technical SEO issues
  • Looks for duplicate title or description meta tags
  • Checks for canonical issues causing duplicate content
  • Looks for technical issues increasing download speed
  • Checks your website for Geolocation issues
  • Evaluates visual enhancements, i.e., images, videos, graphics
  • Looks for best use of image alt text
  • Checks for adequate use of headers, i.e., H1, H2, H3, H4, etc
  • Manually looks at your code for overuse of bold or italic tags
  • Evaluates SEO over-optimization of keywords
  • Suggestions for better social media participation *
  • Checks to see how mobile devices see your web pages
  • Looks to see if you use Schema on most important pages
  • Checks for no-follow tags on external links where needed
  • Briefly analyzes small shopping carts (call for large commercial site audit)
  • And a lot more SEO issues

* Google now considers social networking of high importance and it affects your ranking if you don't participate on sites like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc. However, just posting messages on social sites isn't enough. Google will boost your rank according to how often other people like, comment and click on the link to your website.

Note: Not all of the above is included in every SEO audit, if it’s not a problem. See SEO Analysis Samples for samples of the kind of information that is included in these audits.

The following audit is delivered by email and prints out in 6-12 pages (depending on the problems that are found on your website). If you're not able to edit your website yourself I may be able to do it for you. We can discuss that after the website audit is complete.

Looking For Google SEO Penalties

If you have experienced a sudden drop in Google ranking and never recuperated I will need to know the date this happened and what changes you made to your website previous to, or after, the drop in rank before I run the audir. This information isn't available online, so please or call Lori: 509-397-6000 after you place your order with that information.

If you would like a detailed SEO audit of your website please fill out the following form and be sure to include your domain name/website url. I will need access to your Google Search Console (Google Webmasters Tools) and Google Analytics accounts in order to do a thorough analysis (you can call with that information once you order the audit). If you prefer to not relay that information I can still do a partial audit but it may be missing important data.

Manual SEO Audit Report

This report checks for multiple ranking issues (see list above).

notice:USA sites and english only
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Once the website SEO audit is finished I can help you get better ranking on a per page basis by doing a detailed analysis on the keywords on that page. I only do this for clients that have paid for a manual audit as it requires access to your server and thorough knowledge of your website after doing the audit. For other SEO services available see the Rates Page

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