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Responsive Website Designs For Mobile Devices

Lori's main focus is on redesigning websites so they are search engine and mobile-friendly using the responsive web design method as recommended by Google along with approved search engine optimization techniques. This method detects which mobile phone, desktop computer or tablet is being used to view the web page then feeds data in different layouts depending on screen sizes of the device being used. This eliminates the need to design a separate mobile website and provides a better user experience for your visitors.

Most of the code on older sites needs to be reworked for a responsive website redesign because of changing code standards and so items will be more mobile-friendly, i.e., larger tap sizes. Page speed is another ranking factor so the page needs a fast loading time to keep ahead of competitors.

Hand coded HTML used on all web pages.
No templates or WYSIWYGs used here.

Google's Mobile First Algorithm

Google is preparing to launch it's Mobile First algorithm soon. Then you will be able to click on a mobile app in Google search and unless a website is compatible with mobile devices it will rank below all those that are mobile-friendly. Google has not indicated a deadline for when it will fully launch this algorithm but it is already accepting mobile sites in it's index.

Redesigning Websites

Most website redesign clients choose to keep their original layout and just have their code improved for a more mobile friendly website. Removing code bloat and making the site more search engine friendly helps a site ranking. If a lot of your targeted traffic uses mobile phones you may want to consider a website redesign so your site will be mobile friendly. See the website redesign quote page to submit your site for a free quote.

This site isn't set up for a mobile website yet because I'm too busy redesigning client websites.

Manual Website SEO Audit Reports

Detailed SEO Audit Reports are also available that cover multiple aspects of organic keyword ranking. This report is written in easy to understand language, looks for design flaws like slow load time, technical issues and Google penalties that are harming your website ranking and provides solutions on how to correct them.

See the about page for more info, the Testimony page for references, the experience page for education, experience and various web design skills, and the rates page for pricing.

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