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My main focus is on redesigning websites so they are search engine and mobile-friendly using the responsive web design method for mobile devices. I have been a professional web designer since 2000 and have clients all across the US. Most of my clients are via word-of-mouth so it keeps costs low by not having to advertise.

All the websites I have designed are hand-coded which means they have no code bloat and load fast on any browser. It also means I don't have to buy expensive software to design the websites (which keeps costs down). It also means I know how to read the HTMl code on your website to more easily fix what might be wrong.

I have no employees so you get my personal attention.

I follow several of the top SEO (Search Engine Optimization) experts every week to keep informed on Google Algorithm updates and trends. The SEO services offered on this website help promote organic ranking in search engines.

In-Depth SEO Analysis Reports

Seo Analysis needed after traffic drop
In-Depth SEO Analysis

In-Depth SEO Analysis Reports provide a thorough examination of a website looking for design flaws, technical issues and more, that prevent high ranking in Google.

These SEO Reports cover multiple aspects of organic keyword ranking and provide solutions on how to correct them. It looks for design flaws like slow load time, technical issues and Google penalties that are harming your website ranking. This report is written in easy to understand language so even those who are not web designers can understand them.

Website Redesigns

Website Redesigns

SEO is incorporated into everything I do (not a separate service) so a website redesign with SEO includes tweaking the text so the website can rank well in search engines. Most of my clients have chosen to keep their original layout and just have their code improved for a more mobile-friendly website, larger tap sizes, etc.

Code standards change every few years so a website should be redesigned every 5 years, or so, or the code won't validate and software may quit working. Page speed is another ranking factor if you want to keep ahead of competitors and adding new content frequently keeps search engines coming back often.

Mobile Website Redesign

Have you checked to see how your website looks on a mobile phone? Google has already launched its Mobile First algorithm which means from now on it indexes content from the mobile version of the site instead of the desktop. Unless a website is compatible with mobile devices it may rank below those that are mobile-friendly.

Google recommends the responsive web design method, which we are using. A responsive design means the browser detects which mobile phone, desktop computer or tablet is being used to view the web page then feeds data in different layouts depending on screen sizes of the device being used. This eliminates the need to design a separate mobile website and provides a better user experience for your visitors.

Hand-coded HTML used on all web pages.
No templates or WYSIWYGs used here.

Organic Ranking

All of the sites that I have redesigned are focused on organic ranking. I don't like advertising on TV, or radio and especially on websites, so you won't find any ads on this site, nor are there any on the sites I have designed or redesigned. Enjoy!

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Secure Websites with SSL

Google has started warning visitors when a website is not secure. When an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is installed, then any time a form is filled out, or someone sends an email from the website, the data is encrypted. So installing an SSL and changing all internal links to https is also a service I provide.

Competitor Analysis

Once your website is set up for mobile, and has an SSL certificate, I can then run a competitor analysis and help you outrank your competitors, all done according to Google guidelines. However, I only perform this service on sites I have designed, or redesigned, as it requires a thorough knowledge of your whole website.

Structured Data Schema Markup

Google and several other top search engines set up a method called "Schema". Web designers can use this method which helps search engines understand what web pages are all about. There are varying reports on whether this helps a website's ranking or not but it most certainly makes it more visible in searches. I set up schema on several products for a client site and within a week their 5 star reviews appeared in search for each product page. Following is a screen shot of one of them:

schema example

See the Testimony page for references, the experience page for education, experience and various web design skills, the about page for more information, the rates page for pricing and the website redesign quote page to submit your site for a free quote.

picture of Lori Eldridge

Lori Eldridge has been a professional web designer since 2000 after graduating from EWU with a BA in English/Creative Writing in 1996. While at college she worked in Computer Labs for 4 years helping students with the various software programs on both the Mac and Windows machines.

She also took several Internet and web design classes where she learned to write HTML by hand which enables her to more easily dig into the code of a website when doing SEO Analysis for clients.

After College she volunteered her services building websites for friends and worked for several temporary companies editing their websites, until she started her own business in 2000. The rest of her web design education was self-taught or through experience, helping new clients recuperate from SEO Scams and Web Hosting Scams.

Lori's main focus is in helping clients gain higher keyword ranking with search engine friendly websites designed for mobile devices, and avoiding Google penalties.

Lori has no employees so you get personalized service from Lori's Web Design. Lori is also Christian Web Designer. For more info see the about page or check out Google Reviews from Clients of Lori's Web Design, or call me at (509) 397-6000 if I can help you with your website.

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