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My main focus when redesigning websites for mobile is so they are search engine and mobile-friendly using the responsive web design method, which Google recommends. Another service available for clients is digital marketing (social media marketing and search engine optimization).

All the websites I have designed are hand-coded which means they have no code bloat and load fast on any browser. It also means I don't have to buy expensive software to design the websites (which keeps rates down). It also means I know how to read the HTMl code on your website to more easily fix what might be wrong - kind of like a mechanic who can fix his own car when it breaks.

Most of my clients are via word-of-mouth so it keeps costs low by not having to advertise. I have been a professional web designer since 2000 and have clients all across the US. I have no employees (web designers today don't know how to write HTML by hand) so you get my personal attention with your website.

+1 509-397-6000           Info@loriswebs.com

Other Web Services Available

I often advise clients with domain renewals, updating software and other issues. One senior client calls me his "geezer-guide". This site also provides numerous SEO tips to help your website rank higher in Google, several CSS tips, information on SEO Scams and several graphics tutorials.

See the Testimony page for references, the experience page for education, experience and various web design skills, the about page for more information, the rates page for pricing and the quote page to submit your site for a free quote.

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Lori Eldridge has been a professional web designer since 2000 after graduating from EWU with a BA in English/Creative Writing in 1996. While at college she worked in Computer Labs for 4 years helping students with the various software programs on both the Mac and Windows machines.

She also took several Internet and web design classes where she learned to write HTML by hand which enables her to more easily dig into the code of a website when doing SEO Audit Reports for clients.

After College she volunteered her services building websites for friends and worked for several temporary companies editing their websites, until she started her own business in 2000. The rest of her web design education was self-taught or through experience, helping new clients recuperate from SEO Scams and Web Hosting Scams.

Lori's main focus is in helping clients gain higher keyword ranking with search engine friendly websites designed for mobile devices, and avoiding Google penalties.

Lori has no employees so you get personalized service from Lori's Web Design. Lori is also Christian Web Designer. For more info see the about page or check out Google Reviews from Clients of Lori's Web Design, or call me at (509) 397-6000 if I can help you with your website.

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