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Poems by Katelynn H.
Age 14

Katelynn has been writing for the majority of her life. She has always enjoyed words, their meanings, and their origins. Her poems are just an extention of her love of language. She has won several writing awards in her life.

animated basketball

One Last Time

You walk through that old gym door;
Know'n that's the last time.
You walk out on that old gym floor;
You know it's not a crime
To love that game 'til its dying day.

You look down that old crickety court;
Know'n that's where you played those last four years.
You gave that game all your heart;
Now the springs let loose and down come your tears.
You'll love that game til your dying day.

You can see where the pools of sweat have been,
Where the team worked through all that pain.
That's where you first cut your chin.
We've all stopped thinking that was vain.
We will love that game til our dying day.

One more game;
One last time
I run down that court
Even if my outcome's short.
But I know I'm okay because
I will love that game til my dying day.

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