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Poems by Heather

Blue Butterfly
My Wishes

I wish I would be smart in school,
Because I want to become cool,
I wish i could be as pretty as a star,
But I know that will not go far,
I wish I had long silky hair,
Because my friend does and it's not fair,
I wish I had the most popular clothes,
I like two shirts but could never afford both,
I wish I had the coolest shoes,
But with this wish I know I'll lose,
Then one day I looked in the mirror,
In my eyes I saw some fear,
I was worrying too much about these things,
Things that only God could bring,
This is the best my life will get,
Wishing for things that are heaven sent

My Hero

When all the kids start teasing me,
You speak up and make me full of glee,
When I get embarassed in the school,
You help me through acting really cool,
When I was drowning in the pool,
You saved me with your body as your tool,
When I made a wish that was a must,
You helped make it come true with all your trust,
Since noone gave me a chance,
You asked me to go to the dance,
I wish you were with me on this day,
But you are not and I have nothing to say,
Except when I'm cold and it's below zero,
I feel your spirit hugging me because you are my hero

© By Heather
Age 12

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