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Poems by Ashley K.
Age 14

Ashley doesn't write a lot, but every once in a while she
will write a couple of poems. Ashley is from the USA.

animated heart symbol of family's love

Nothing to Compare

Like a little girl squeezing her teddy bear
so soft and sweet,
Like a little boy and his toy truck
with no one can compete,

Like a cat lover and their cats
snuggled together so tight
Like a dog lover and their dogs,
always ready to play and fight.

Like the holidays we love so much
so warm and filled with glee,
Like the warm weather and bright sun
that we love to see.

There are lots of things in our lives
to help us feel warm and snug
But nothing can ever compare
to a family's love.

by Ashley K.
Copyright © 2006
Our thanks to for the use of the heart image.

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