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Testimonies from Cients of Lori's Web Design

Redesign Testimony 2013

"Lori, I really want to Thank you for doing an awesome job with my website. I get loads of compliments on a weekly basis and my business has increased dramatically since you starting working with me." Dr Jyl

Responsive Design Testimony 2013

"We are extremely pleased with the website redesign done by www.loriswebs.com. Prior to Lori's redesign, our website was virtually invisible to search engines. She took our very simple design, added a few twists, and improved our site ranking greatly. Lori's timely suggestions, professional attitude, and willingness to answer any questions led us to feel very comfortable under her direction. It seemed as if she dropped everything to focus on our needs. We are very confident in recommending Lori's web design services to others based upon our positive experience". Staff, Jesus Returns 2014

Website Redesign Testimony 2011

"We are very pleased with the way our site turned out. Lori is great to work with. She put all the ideas I had rolling around in my head and created a beautiful site. She took the time to explain everything I needed to know about making my website rank higher to get the traffic it needs to get. I'll be using Lori for all my website needs. Thanks Lori" Jeff Lumia, Geoffrey James Salon

Website Redesign Testimony 2005

"Hi Lori, My website turned out fantastic and much better than I had hoped for. You took the time to answer my questions, explaining to me how the search engines work and how to best get my website listed and showing up in the search results. Your Website designing skills and knowledge go far beyond what your clients pay for. Our sales have really picked up in the last 2 months. We were getting about 20 new visitors a day just 4 months ago before the redesign and now we are at nearly 200 new unique visitors every day! WOW! We are ranking at the top of all the major search engines due to your abilities with the Search Engines. Your expertise and professionalism is greatly appreciated and I look forward to working with you in the future. Thanks Lori for all your hard work! Best Regards,"
Rod Bird, Handcrafted Garden Bridges

Website Redesign Testimony 2008

NOTE from Lori: As of August 2010, The owner of NRA has a someone on staff now working on his website(s) but he still consults with me (Lori) for SEO (search Engine Optimization) to make sure there aren't any changes affecting ranking.

"I searched long and hard before finding Lori to fix my website problems. I have used numerous big firms and San Francisco companies, only to be let down in service. When I was searching, I kept finding this Lori's Web Design from Spokane. I kept on thinking I need someone bigger and from New York City, or San Francisco. My site competes with companies that do hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue each year, and have entire teams of IT people just keeping their websites up to date on search engine optimization."

"I had a silicon valley firm make my site and they messed it all up. They used black hat/grey hat seo techniques to try to get me to compete and ended up getting my site totally dropped by Google."

"Lori took over, and went back to the basics and forced me to make some tough changes in what I wanted to do with the site. She doesn't mess around with the latest little tricks that might work for a month or two and then when Google changes it's algorithym gets you dropped. She just makes you stick to the fundamentals of a good website."

"When she fixed my site, it immediately came back on google. The San Francisco firm spent litterally months trying to figure out what was wrong. When she got done updating it, I skyrocketed in ranking for almost all my major terms. Now, my site even beats .gov sites, and wikipedia on some of my terms."

"I've noticed some of my competitors now trying to copy what Lori has done with my site, just to keep up. I have searched and searched, and don't need to search anymore. You can have the fanciest site in the world with all kinds of graphic design and flash but if Google doesn't like it, it isn't going to do you much good. My sales and hits and new clients have gone up so much since she redid my site, I can't even track it. Worth every penny."
D.K. Northwest Registered Agent, LLC.

Redesign Testimony 2006

"Dear Lori, You are very unique in an industry peppered with tricksters and scam artists. We have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to "optimize" our website. So many people promise results, backhanded guarantees, trumped up testimonials and they lie. I am so truly grateful that I finally found someone that is 100% honest, ethical, knowledgeable and committed. You treat our site as if it were yours. Money cannot buy that.

Since I have put my trust in your hands, our visibility on the internet has climbed higher than ever imagined and every month you pull some rabbit out of your hat to make it even higher. We are now number one through ten in most of our keywords on Google in a brutally competitive business that WE created!. Those are millions to one odds. People are paying 3-5 dollars for those same keywords via pay-per-click. We get the same results for the cost of trusting our business to you. That is priceless.
Robert Bohen, CEO,
AntiAging Research Laboratories

Website Redesign Testimony 2006

"Dear Lori, I want to thank you for all your hard over the last few years on my company website. After you redesigned my website, it soared to #1 in Google for my highly competive search terms and 3 years later, we are still there! Your honest hard work and smart changes to the website made it what it is today, which is a clean, productive ecommerce work of art. Everyone loves how it functions and each year you have updated it to keep it looking fresh and working perfectly. I don't know where I would be without you, my family and I thank you for all you efforts and we look forward to another great year together!" Gary Ilcyn, Jagbits

Custom Design Testimony 2005

"Lori has captured exactly what we wanted in a website design by creating an appealing, quick to load site that is uncluttered and easy to maneuver. Lori has certainly "set the standard" with exceptional creativity, guidance and follow-through. Her professionalism has made our first experience worry free.We're looking forward to working with her as our alpaca family AND our website grows."
Ron and Judi Allread, Serano Alpacas

Website Redesign Testimony 2004

"Lori, The Olympic Koi, Goldfish, and Watergarden club and I want to thank you for your supurb work on our clubs web site. We brought you broken down web pages that most of the stuff didn't work, and you not only fixed them all, you redesigned the pages to make them more appealing, adding links that were almost beyond anything we had hoped for. Thanks to your knowledge about web sites and how to get folks to view it, you were able to get us registered on a decent hosting outfit, we obtained our own domain name and you fixed it so key words brought many people to our site. We've had several thousand people visit our site in just the past 3 months its been up. Its great to have other people enjoying our Koi keeping hobby, and learn how they can visit us or join our club. We also want to say thanks for getting the new information we needed on our site up in a very, very timely manner, and again thanks for your reasonable fees that makes a not for profit club, able to have their own web site.
Jerry Hames President,
Olympic Koi, Goldfish, and Watergarden Club (this site is temporarily down due to the economy)

Website Redesign Testimony 2004

"This letter is to let the reader know what a wonderful job Lori"s Web Design has done building our website. Her knowledge is vast and she stayed with the project until we were on-line, she pays close attention to detail and made sure we were satisfied before we went on-line plus she followed up for several months after we were on line and provided us with links that will bring in additional business. I can't say enough about Lori's web design and you'll find you'll be very satisfied.
Jim Conger Oceancrest Landscaping


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