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This site contains original poetry from a collection of Christian poets, focused on inspirational poems leading to a deeper faith in Christ. Most of the poetry featured on this site is based on scripture with a focus on Christ, the Church, the Endtimes or about other Christians. Click on the list of poets on the left or images on the right to view their work.

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Featured Poetry:

Prevenient Grace

Though preached by priestly scholars
or a damning demon’s voice,
Begone, that fruitless doctrine
of a will without a choice!
If God is calling wayward souls
to heed what they have heard,
Then saying they’re unable
Makes a folly of God’s Word!
Though all are “dead in sins”
and not alive to God aright,
No sin is so almighty,
that it blinds the lost from light.
His Word pervades creation,
spoken loud and shining clear,
To stir the darkened conscience
so that every heart can hear!
And that’s the point, my brethren,
who are Calvinist in creed,
Who controvert the mercy
that can meet our fallen need.
God searches for all straying sheep
and bids them to repent,
Their free response enabled
by His grace prevenient.
On both the good and evil
God ordains His rain to fall,
And by His “whosoever will . . .”
invites us one and all.
With our decisions all foreknown,
God chose our destiny:
The love in His elective grace
confirms our liberty.
The Hindus teach that choices seem
but are illusion still;
Reductionists say chemicals
determine human will;
And fatalism in Islam
has never been “good news,”
But Scripture’s Sovereign God has willed
each sinner’s chance to choose.

— David L. Hatton - © 1-23-14

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