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The Dangers to Watch Out for When Submitting Articles

Submitting unique articles you've written to article directories, with a link to your website in a bio at the bottom of the page, used to be a good way to gain one-way links. However, most of those directories made you agree to let them offer those same articles for free to other directories and or website owners or syndicate the article through their RSS feed.

Article Submissions can cause a penalty for the following reasons:

  1. Your website will be gathering links too fast from multiple article submissions which can result in a penalty, i.e. a drop in keyword rank.
  2. Your articles will also be using the same title which can also cause a penalty for the same keywords in each article.
  3. Since 2012 Google started demoting the value of article directories when they published the same articles already on the Internet as it causes duplicate content spam and Google gets swamped with the same articles on multiple sites.
  4. In August 2013 Google started punishing websites that had duplicate articles with keyword rich links pointing at their websites.
  5. In October 2013 Google started punishing sites for posting articles around the internet with links to their site that contained keywords instead of the brand name.
  6. Google's Panda update targeted sites that accepted mass submission of articles.


If you can find a website that is looking for guest writers and is relevant to your business, that will accept your article and not post it elsewhere, then it might help your rank. However only use your domain or business name as the link text.

The best way to market your article is to add it to your own website because every page you add to your own website, the more links you have pointing back to your home page and that increases your chance of ranking for related keywords.


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