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In-Depth SEO Reports and Backlink Analysis

The website reports offered on this site are in-depth and run by a real person backed with 16 years experience fixing broken websites and the ability to read HTML who uses her eyes to examine the text, layout, graphics, the code, navigation, backlinks, how search engines are indexing the pages and a myriad of other factors that can affect keyword ranking in search engines. If your website experienced a sudden drop in traffic the date of the drop will be compared with the Google Panda or Penguin Updates, or other algorithms.

193 Reports Completed as of 2016

Testimony "The quality and ethical tone of your site is a good as bruceclay.com. You beat him on a significant point - we never received a response from bruceclay.com regarding a request for an evaluation of our site. You, on the other hand, responded immediately. I am a retired CIO from a fortune 100 company. Feel free to use me as a reference." Ed Crawford, Texas Watch and Gold.

Testimony "I just wanted to let you know that within six weeks of integrating just a few of the many techniques you provided, I am now findable on the web! I come up first page in my region and at the top of the third page for a critical search phrase "Bengal kittens for sale." I still have more work that I'd like to do, but this is a huge accomplishment! Robyn Wanner, 4-25-12
When do you need SEO site analysis?
  • You want higher keyword ranking in Search Engines.
  • Your website is not receiving enough traffic.
  • Your website has taken a sudden drop in ranking in Google.

Each report provides SEO tips in easy to understand language on how to optimize your website to prevent keyword ranking problems in search engines or overcome Google penalties.

What does the Report cover?

  • Evaluates search engine indexing
  • Looks for possible Google penalties
  • Evaluates content and how to improve keyword ranking
  • Suggestions to optimize titles and description tags
  • Checks for problems in navigation preventing indexing
  • Checks for canonical issues causing duplicate content
  • Looks at features increasing download time
  • Checks for Geolocation issues
  • Explains the best linking strategy
  • Points out any problems with outgoing links
  • Briefly Analyzes shopping carts with tips to improve ranking (call for in-depth commercial site analysis)
  • Suggestions on how to avoid dishonest marketing schemes
  • And a lot more....

Note: Not all of the above will be covered in every report. If a particular item is not a problem it may be left out of the report. See SEO Report Samples for examples of what might be found in a report.

Testimony: My company has run an ecommerce site on the Internet since 1998 and in all that time I have never worked with someone as proficient and dedicated to her clients as Lori Eldridge. The evaluations are detailed and explained so that anyone can understand. She is always available when needed and will go beyond the customary client-business relationship to help her customers. I would not hesitate to recommend her valuable expertise. Deron Nakamura Owner of National Outdoor Furniture.

In-Depth SEO Analysis Report

This report checks for multiple ranking issues (see list above). It is sent by email, prints out in 6-12 pages (depending on the problems).

notice:USA sites and english only
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For any analysis report, if you have experienced a sudden drop in ranking I need to know when this happened and what changes you made to your website before the drop. This information can't be found online, so please or call Lori: 509-397-6000 after you place your order.
Testimony: "Thank you for the evaluation of our website and all the recommendations. Due to your efforts and continued support, our page ranking has climbed tremendously in the last 2 months. After searching the web for over a year I feel that we have found the right person with the knowledge and honesty to help us promote our website to the top pages of search engines. You have been like an angel from heaven to us with your professional support." Phil Brodak of Bats Birds Yard.

5 Major SEO Issues

This report involves a review of your website letting you know the 5 major items I see that are hampering keyword ranking. This review will be sent by email.

notice:USA sites and english only
Website URL:
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Testimony "Hi Lori, I wanted to say thank you for the report. It was both informative and insightful! I also wanted to say thank you for your professionalism. Where some SEO would take advantage of 'ignorant' website owners, you presented a quality report focused on the site as opposed to your bottom line. That quality is rare indeed!
Chris L. Stong For Baby Gifts

SEO and Backlink Analysis

This analysis checks for multiple ranking problems (see list above) as well as investigates the quality of the links pointing at your site and if there are links that could cause a Google Penguin penalty. This is sent by email, prints out in 6-15 pages (depending on the problems).

notice:USA sites and english only
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Other Services Available:

Analyze Competitors Ranking, Page Speed, Social Networking, Mobile Friendliness, etc. This needs to be done after the analysis of your own website. See the Rates Page for more information or give me a call to set this up: 509-397-6000

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