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Detailed SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Reports

The website analysis reports offered on this site are composed by a real person backed by 17 years of fixing broken websites and the ability to read HTML. This report examines the text, layout, graphics, code, navigation, loading speed, meta tags, broken links and a myriad of other factors that can affect keyword ranking in organic searches.

Some SEO "experts" never even look at your website and use site analysis tools instead that pump out results for them. There are no machine driven SEO Analysis Tools used here. You get my personal attention to analyze your website.

197 Search Engine Optimization Reports Completed as of 20177


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When do you need a website analysis?

  • You want higher keyword ranking in search engine results.
  • Your website is not receiving enough traffic.
  • Your Google ranking has dropped. *
  • You want to improve user experience (UX).

* If your website experienced a sudden drop in traffic the date of the drop will be compared with the Google Panda or Penguin Updates, or other algorithms.

What ranking factors does this SEO report cover?

  • Evaluates search engine indexing
  • Looks for possible Google penalties
  • Evaluates content and how to improve keyword ranking
  • Suggestions to optimize titles and meta description tags
  • Looks for issues hampering user experience
  • Checks for code bloat that slows down loading speed
  • Looks for adequate internal links
  • Checks your site for problems with external links
  • Looks for broken links and other technical SEO issues
  • Looks for duplicate title or description meta tags
  • Checks for canonical issues causing duplicate content
  • Looks at features increasing download time
  • Checks your website for Geolocation issues
  • Looks for best use of Alt Text in images
  • Evaluates over-optimization of keywords
  • Suggestions for better social media participation
  • Checks to see how mobile devices see your pages
  • Suggestions on how to avoid dishonest marketing schemes
  • Briefly analyzes shopping cart with tips to improve ranking (call for commercial site analysis)
  • And a lot more SEO issues

Note: Not all of the above is included in every SEO audit, if it’s not a problem. See SEO Analysis Report Samples for examples of what is included in a report.

Each SEO checkup provides tips in easy to understand language on how to increase ranking in organic search results. It also provides suggestions on how to prevent keyword ranking problems or overcome Google penalties.

All of the following reports are delivered by email and print out in 6-12 pages (depending on the problems).

If you have experienced a sudden drop in ranking I need to know the date this happened and what changes you made to your website previous to the drop. This information isn't available online, so please or call Lori: 509-397-6000 after you place your order.

If you would like me to analyze your website please select one of the following SEO Reports and be sure and include your domain name:

In-Depth SEO Analysis Report

This report checks for multiple ranking issues (see list above).

notice:USA sites and english only
Website URL:
Your email:


5 Major SEO Issues

This site analysis involves a review of your website letting you know the 5 major items I see that are hampering keyword ranking.

notice:USA sites and english only
Website URL:
Your email:

SEO and Backlink Analysis

This analysis checks for multiple ranking problems (see list above) as well as investigates the quality of external links pointing at your site and other ranking factors that could cause a Google Penguin penalty.

notice:USA sites and english only
Website URL:
Your email:


For other services available see the Rates Page

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